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    NGD - 2011 Gibson SG Special Tribute

    I have that exact model and bought it new when they first came out and still have it. I think I paid $750 or so in 2011. I love the guitar. Although it is no-frills and spartan looks, this guitar rocks. The P90's scream like they should. It has a thinner 60's neck, but I like it. Also...
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    Tarnished nickel on a brand new guitar?

    As a couple of others say, bad plating. I have a bunch of tarnished nickel bridges and pickup covers. That looks like its about to flake off. On a new guitar - no way.
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    NGD - Hamer Studio

    You have to watch out with DNB (Drinking & Buying), but you did great. The Hamer Artist/Studio series are amazing. I have the chambered one in a '59 burst which I bought in '95 or so when they first came out and still have it today. All I can say is that it is the sweetest humbucker setup...
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    Depp and Beck accused of plagiarizing song lyrics

    It doesn't bother me about using lyrics that may have never been copywritten. As @Muddy100 says, "why is Jeff Beck playing with Johnny Depp".
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    The Power of "8"

    I know a lot of people that don't vary volume controls and opt for 50's wiring which I don't get. What I like a lot in a dual humbucker guitar is the middle position where you can blend many useful tones simply by varying the volume or tone knobs. There are many tones under the hood that are...
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    The Power of "8"

    I know I didn't have to replace the entire thing and understood what it would take to convert it. I did simply because one of the pots became defective, wiring was a mess and it wasn't clean as it was messed with many times. A simple drop in was key and I am a former electronic tech and do all...
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    The "where are they now" thread of sorry I sold it guitars you wish you had back.

    After playing guitar for close to 50 years, the one I really miss was a 1982 Vintage Reissue Fender Stratocaster that I bought in '95 for $725. This was the first year Fender started production again and were only making a handful of the Vintage Reissues guitars per day from what I understand...
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    The Power of "8"

    I have a 2006 LP 58RI and love the way it plays. But about 10 years ago I hopped on the 50's wiring bandwagon. The 58RI has the Burstbucker 1&2 pickups which are pretty bright. When you coupled that with the LP being a bright guitar, it was way too bright overall with the 50's wiring scheme...
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    Blues JR tone help

    Good to hear you are back on track with the Blues Jr. No such thing as component/breaking in time. However, there is an interesting phenomenon that I tend to fall for and I alluded to this in my previous reply. I have six amps in my living room along with 10 guitars or so. So I am constantly...
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    Unpotted pickups.. more dynamic??

    I've never done an A/B but my thought is similar to the Throwback vid where he states that the non-potted have an ever so slightly pronounced treble to it. This can be great but also I noticed a little more pickup "click" when picked on the bridge pickup on a bright guitar. The potted...
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    Gibson amber knobs with barely visible numbers

    Yes, the ones you posted as described are "vintage" amber. The standard amber are very different and the numbers are in white. I have the standard amber on a few guitars and they are OK, but not super bright. I bought a set of the vintage ambers to put on my '59 ES-330 reissue, looked at...
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    Gibson amber knobs with barely visible numbers

    I kinda get it, but I get by with my Amber knobs as they are. On humbucking guitars I use the middle position quite a bit and blend the pickups to varying degrees often. With standard audio tapers the difference between 7 & 8 can be a fairly large change so it is good to be precise and know...
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    Here's the specs...what guitar am I looking for?

    Hamer Artist if you can find one under 2K. The prices have shot up recently due to their scarceness. I have an original debut year '95-'96 model and it is the best playing sweetest sounding guitar I own.
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    NGD: Patrick James Eggle Macon

    Wow! Nice guitar. I never heard of a Patrick James Eggle probably due to being made in the UK. I had to look up the specs and was impressed. Tummy cut, semi-chambered, nice hardware and pickups, finish options etc. Also, looks like a great price for a handmade instrument. I would think that...
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    Les pauls

    I have a Gibson R8 and a new Les Paul 70's Deluxe that Gibson introduced again over a year ago or so. The Les Paul Deluxe was my first Les Paul I owned and it was a '74 Sunburst. The output of the Deluxe pickups are low 6.4k compared to a standard humbucker which could be 7.5k ohms or better...
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