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    Am I the only person on Earth that cannot bond with Mesa amps?

    Mesa boogies for me are my favorite amps, specifically the Rectifier series. I own a 94 trem-o-verb. That amp is great. I get really nice bluesy tones in the first channel as well as a killer clean, and the second channel is a great modern tone. To me, i'd put it up against any gain channel...
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    Road KING SWOOSHING Sounds

    Hey Gang - took a little break from playing, and now dusting off my gear. My road King sounds absolutely MEAN AND NASTY as it should. What I'm experiencing is as follows: Its dead silent on channels one and two. They are set to tweed and fat respectively. On Channel 3 (Modern) and Channel...
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    James Tyler Guitar Options - Help

    Hey guys, I'm looking hard at the Tyler Studio Elites and Burning waters. I can see on the website they offer a lot of options, but what is the "stock" Tyler build? From what I can tell the difference from the burning water and the studio elite HD is the paint job. Also, any pickup...
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    Tyler Guitar - Boost Option

    Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback.
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    Tyler Guitar - Boost Option

    Hey Everyone, I've been looking at Tyler Guitars and really REALLY like the feel of the necks. I was messing around with one of the Studio Elites, and it came with a built in boost. For the Tyler owners out there that have this, do you use it and find it functional? For the Tyler owners...
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    Favorite compressor and why?

    Diamond. I leave it on, and its awesome.
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    Diamond's Customer Service

    Refreshing company. Met the owner at the Maken Music Tonefest in 06. Nicest guy ever! and they make killer stuff.
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    Men, have you ever had an unbelievable experience with a tube?

    I disagree with this one. In my roadster I can tell and in my old dual recs I can tell as well. When I had the RK v 1 you could definitely mix the sound and hear a difference. That said its still a mesa voicing but you could tell the difference from a 6L6. From what I remember mesa...
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    Men, have you ever had an unbelievable experience with a tube?

    I play les Paul's too. So I'm doomed.
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    Men, have you ever had an unbelievable experience with a tube?

    I play Mesa's so I don't know what good tone is. That said, No. The Mesa tubes are just fine to me. Discuss.
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    can active pickups be converted to passive???

    just buy a new set of pickups, no need to do this.
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    Mesa Boogie out of GC?

    I was told today from a manger at guitar center that Mesa is indeed pulling out. Rumored that its a dispute (shock) over the pedal distribution / stocking. Mesa wanted them to stock / pre pay for a bunch of pedals, and guitar center felt differently. That combined with the overall financial...
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    2012 LP ID Help Please!

    Gibson has shipped guitars in the past with different knobs. I would not get hung up on this. Looks like a great guitar! Good luck