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    Proper way to repair a break to a circuit board?

    What material exists that JB Weld cannot fix? I've had waaay better results with it than with Super Glue or Gorilla Glue, especially where there is minimal bonding surface area.
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    Can anyone name this tube?

    Get as much light on that thing as you can from a single source that will not glare right back directly at the camera reflecting from the glass, then the shutter will not have to expose for so long, causing the blur.
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    This boy can play

    Wow. He seems to be able to float effortlessly between pure melody, blues wail, shred, jazz, rock, and all with great feel. Stunning.
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    Low powered Plexi?

    Many 18w TMB variations, where the TMB channel is plexi-like. Also, 36w variations on the 18w TMB.
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    Cone cry or wail or whatever...

    Simple verification. Does the behavior change when you switch speakers?
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    Keeley Compressor Alternatives

    Amen. Big bang for the buck. Sadly, it'll never get any respect because it doesn't cost enough. That and its small and the enclosure is where they cut costs. They could package the same thing in a small Hammond enclosure, bill it as boutique and sell it for twice the price.
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    Mixolydian Blues

    You just take yer regular ol' blues scale (plus 6 and 9 passing tones) and move that minor third up a half step, making it a major third. There, yer done. Kind of kidding, but then again, come to think of it, that's how I learned it, more or less. Best, Jay
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    Katy Perry

    She's justa bout ta get the better of those lil straps holdin back the flesh there. Ima hafta go kiss a girl now.
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    Roth or Hagar Van Halen...

    Roth. With Hagar also came that often chorus-y thing that killed the Brown Sound™ "Take Your Whiskey Home" cannot be topped. Sinner's Swing, The Full Bug, Top Jimmy, Drop Dead Legs. Geez - where to stop? Oh, I know...the first day without DLR.
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    Can someone recommend me an inexpensive vocal microphone?

    Yeah, just get an SM58 and be done with it. You won't have spent much and you'll also instantly be in great company. Every singer in recent history has used one at some point, from the local pub to national acts. If you feel like splurging, but not by much, try and find a used Shure Beta 58a...
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    Tube updates from TechTubes (tm) team

    It still amazes me that with all our technology and precision automated manufacturing advances, that it takes this much effort to match what we could do better 50 years ago.
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    Tube updates from TechTubes (tm) team

    It's heartening to hear an explanation, even though the original statements are now proven fluff. It is great to hear that they actually do give a damn about the stuff that matters.
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    Rant--STFU about "tipping your bartender or waitress" when yer on stage

    Any of you suggesting that 8Painting should tip after asking for a water are insane...and are probably waiters posing as musicians. Other than that, hell yeah you should tip.
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    How many songs can you sing?

    ~40 or so
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    Get the flac thingy for windows. It will decompress it back to a wav file that anything should be able to play.