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  1. forgivenman

    What is your favorite overdrive pedal for lead?

    Jhs at+ is perfect for this
  2. forgivenman

    Joe Bonamassa Live on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville last night January 15, 2022

    That first song had a cool 70’s Clapton vibe
  3. forgivenman

    Fender / Dumble in a Box Pedal

    The JHS 3 series Overdrive was designed for this and is amazing, as are the Jetter Red2, and the Barber Burn Unit EQ.
  4. forgivenman

    Why have I always thought CCR were from the South?

    Same here- hit after hit.
  5. forgivenman

    Not sure how I got to play with these guys (video)

    Lots of good stuff here man- I dug the bass solo but I liked how, in your solo, you never ended a phrase on the note that I predicted you would. Kept things fresh and original
  6. forgivenman

    New Joyo Splinter - 4 Variant Rat ($37!?!)

    Got mine yesterday and spent a few hours with it. Solid pedal with plenty of sweet spots in all 4 modes. Very much worth the price and then some.
  7. forgivenman

    Dumble passed away

    I’m sad that he passed away. I hope this doesn’t drive the price of his amps up.
  8. forgivenman

    Favorite High Gain Pedal

    The three that I can’t turn off once I turn them on are: 1. JHS AT+ 2. Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde (the Hyde side is based on a Marshall Shredmaster) 3. Jetter Red2
  9. forgivenman

    What pedals have you bought in 2022?

    Just picked up a Joyo “Splinter” which is a modified Rat. Should be here today
  10. forgivenman

    Jeff Beck!

    Loud Hailer is the only one of his albums I only listened to once.
  11. forgivenman

    Big Muff Fanatics what is your favorite?

    The Vick Audio 1861 has scratched my Civil War muff itch for a few months now
  12. forgivenman

    Jeff Beck!

    Amazing playing in this one- especially during the solo:
  13. forgivenman

    Favorite metal amp?

    Couldn’t have said it better
  14. forgivenman

    Jeff Beck!

    He had a CD in the early 2000’s called “Jeff” that was really good and another one from that same era called “You Had It Coming” that was also extraordinarily cool.
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