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    Jackson Ampworks buyer beware

    Why do people insist on buying amps from builders that may take a long time to respond to inquiries regarding their products... ... and then get their panties in a knot when the builder takes a long time to respond? It is like complaining that you burn your tongue when you drink coffee just...
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    Mesa Mini Recto vs Dual Rectifier

    I had the mini recto and didn't like it for a few reasons: * It was not loud enough. It has enough volume to keep up with a loud drummer, but if you want a volume boost to lead... there is nothing left. * It is too loud for home use. That is right... unless it has volume, it just doesn't sound...
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    New Suhr PT-15 IR Amp

    I do all my shopping at Long & McQuade :) I have no issues buying vehicles assembled in Ontario. It isn't a North American thing, but my preference is to steer clear of GM, Ford, or Fiat/Chrysler vehicles. In the case of manufacturers like Tesla, I think they are doing something pretty good and...
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    New Suhr PT-15 IR Amp

    I would not buy a Tesla. I would buy a Honda, Toyota (well not really, they don't quite appeal to me), or a Mazda. Oh... and I would also make sure to check where the vehicle model is made too. I am located in Winnipeg. And If my local music store had Suhr stuff, I would absolutely try it.
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    New Suhr PT-15 IR Amp

    People should buy what they want, and pay however much they want for the goods they buy. I would not buy any vehicle built in the US. I have no choice but to buy a mobile phone made somewhere in Asia. To assume that US manufacturing is somehow fare, and not devoid of flaws is simply wrong, so...
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    2204 in a 19” rackmount? Why yes...

    Looks great!
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    Have you ever considered taking an ice pick and gouging your eyes out?

    Being a fender, it now looks better than it sounds.
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    Unresponsive Amp Builders..

    Clearly those builders are too busy to sell you anything. Shop elsewhere.
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    Single channel amp vs multi channel amp (poll)

    Channel switchers for me. Midi control would be even better, but the ability to integrate with midi is a must. People should play what makes the most sense to them. I do mean that, despite not understanding why people feel a single channel + guitar volume gives them more options... as if the...
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    Small tube amp dilemma, which one on a budget?

    If you are in Europe why not buy a Victory map like the Kraken? You get the small lunchbox size, and the big bottle tubes. There really is no compromise to be made. No whimpy power tubes that sound meh, and you can get tones for days. As a Mesa fan, I would suggest one of their mini rectos or...
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    What Is Your All Time Favorite Mesa Boogie Amp?

    Lots of awesome mesa amps out there. My personal favorite is my 2011 Roadster. The only thing that would make it better would be if it had a JP2C channel, an electrodyne/transatlantic channel, along with its clean and recto channel, as well as midi control for channel switching and channel mode...
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    New PRS MT15 Day!!

    To me, this little amp is what the mini recto should be.
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    Best Mesa Amp Under $1500?

    I would suggest a Roadster combo, but you better make sure you are in shape. Those amps are heavy.
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    PRS MT15 compared to Mesa Boogie, ENGL, EVH, Orange, Peavey & Laney

    The video was pretty cool, but the issue that I always have with recorded/produced recordings is that amps tend to sound very similar. Yes, there are differences, but for instance, while the dark terror is a good sounding amp, it just does not have the thump that dual recto has, but in...
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    Horrible experience with elixirs

    Not trying to offend you, but no. It was not horrible. Unpleasant? Not optimal? Sure. Had someone in your band had a heart attack on the stage, or someone thrown a beer bottle that cracked your eye socket, people sexually harassing your band mate... that would be horrible. Not being able to...
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