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    The FM3 Launch (for me) has been one of the worst experiences of my music career

    Not sure what that has to do with the previous posts but the value proposition of the FM3 is unmatched. It encompasses the entire history of Fractal Audio and all our algorithms and technology developments of the last 15 years.
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    The FM3 Launch (for me) has been one of the worst experiences of my music career

    The tenants seem quite pleased with the firmware that was released yesterday.
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    FM3: ring mod + synth block in parallel

    I absolutely hate ring modulators so I was determined to make one that could actually be used in a musical context rather than making robot noises.
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    Fractal FM3 - Reviews, Tones, Questions

    Those are great amps. The particular amp used for the models was John Petrucci's personal recording amp. I didn't want to give it back and offered to buy it from him but he wouldn't sell it.
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    FM0 would be juuuuuuuuuust right.

    I have contemplated just such a thing.
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    Fractal FM3 - Reviews, Tones, Questions

    Place the Looper in an empty (shunt) location. Then use the third page in the Layout menu to move the block to the desired spot.
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    Modelers with accurate Dumble Models?

    We actually own a real Dumble. I bought it off a lawyer (surprise, surprise) some years ago who was in trouble with the IRS. Also a matching 4x12 cab. Both in mint condition. At the time I paid $50K for both. Probably worth twice that now. We also have a Fuchs ODS and a Two Rock Jet. A...
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    IRs sound different on different devices?

    There are actually possible differences in processing. There are two things that can vary: the length and the window. As you trim the IR the sound changes. The choice of a window function will also change the sound but to a lesser degree.
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    FM3 vs HX Stomp - very nice comparison from John Cordy with poll!

    Input dynamic range has everything to do with the ability to handle low level signals. The normalized gain of even a medium gain tube amp can be over 60 dB. If your input dynamic range is only 96 dB and you leave 6 dB of headroom your noise floor is now a paltry -30 dB. There's a reason...
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    FM3 vs HX Stomp - very nice comparison from John Cordy with poll!

    The A/D converters have 114 dB of dynamic range and are probably the same converters used in the Stomp. The instrument input on the FM-3 uses a dynamic range enhancement technique which boosts the dynamic range to 123 dB.
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    FM3 vs HX Stomp - very nice comparison from John Cordy with poll!

    Ya know, it would be one thing if one of the usual knuckleheads in this place were to post something like that but for a person affiliated with a company to say something so blatantly false is just beyond the pale.
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    Does anyone model a Peavey Mace?

    Years ago I had a VTX MX which was closely related to the Mace. Solid-state preamp into a tube power amp. Heavy as he!!. One day during rehearsal something let go in it and it proceeded to squeal at about 140 dB. Everyone ran from the rehearsal room. After several minutes it was still going...
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    Axe-Fx III - 12.08b2 Improved Pitch Block

    Check out what Matt accomplished with it. Matt is a genius in sound design:
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    Axe FX-III Impression From A Long Term Helix User

    Some people are more sensitive to these things than others. I've always been sensitive and I'm even more sensitive now than I was 10 years ago. Those tiny details require lots of DSP. We model things that other products simply cannot as it requires more CPU power than available. The Axe-Fx...
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    FM3 waitlist

    Engineering is aware of the issue and working on it. I told them it is high priority.