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    FT Vox AC-30HWHD & 3rd Power British Dream

    Lefty or righty?
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    Sold Classic Vibe-Baby

    Still the best IMO.
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    Sold FS - Vibe Pedals

    …and the winner is???
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    Sold FS - Vibe Pedals

    Does this mean you prefer another over these?
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    Sold Buffalo FX TD-X

    I thought I did but I must have moved it. Only have an Evolution left.
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    Pm'd. I have both a Gigrig Pro 10 and Midi 8 available for trade.
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    WTB Stephens Design or Doyle Coils pickups (or other similar PAF-style pickups)

    I’ve got a set of Doyle Coils in dbl white with aged nickel covers. BOOM
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    Sold Fender Aged 58' Tele Saddles

    I’ll take em.
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