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    Fake SM58s - what to do with them?

    Do this with it
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    Please explain negative decibels in layman’s terms

    use the Intensity formula I=Io x 10^(B/10) where Io= 1x10^-12 W/m2 which is the lowest limit of hearing, and B is in dB Try out a value of B=-10dB for example I=1 x 10^(-12) x 10^(-10/10) =1 x 10^(-12-1) =1 x 10^(-13) W/m^2 =0.0000000000001 Watts/square meter, which is still a positive...
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    Looking for acoustics/treatment advice

    Here is a good article that explains the problems of a room and how to fix it.
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    Alvin Lee's Tone

    Went to see Ten Years After at Maple Leaf Gardens in the mid 70's. The Marshall's were cranked and he had glorious sound. Great voice too. But the whole band was really good and supported him very well. Great humbuckers through those old Marshall's has got to sound really good no matter. The...
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    Which Gibson Is Harder To Find: A REALLY Good 335 or A REALLY Good Les Paul ?

    I think that great ES-335's are easier to find. But very good Les Paul's, standards and customs, are generally very good guitars for what's out there too, especially after you plug them in and turn them up. A big set of good humbucker's like the 57's or 490's are going to sound good no matter...
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    Recommend an E-Drum kit

    Wonderful composition with very beautiful sounds.
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    NGD! My first Road Worn

    You might sink those tex mex pickups deeper into the body, like barely above the pick guard to get the very best sound out of them. Found out that this really takes these guitars way over the top even though they are already way over the top already. Another thing. If you look at the grain...
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    NGD! My first Road Worn

    Hey that guitar is stupendous great. I've got a 2008 just like yours and it rivals in with the vintage guitars.
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    Need an advice for e-drums, please!

    Roland Td-1mk, that's my pick.
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    Very mesmerizing guitar.
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    Anyone playing hard rock with a hollow or semi hollow??

    This guy used to like them back in the day.
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    Seymour Duncan JB vs. Pearly Gates pickups

    I was wrong about the ceramic magnet and it is in fact an Alnico pickup. As for the JB name the Jeff Beck was something I'd heard from more knowledgeable than myself at the time. But it seemed to be appropriate at the time back when these came out whether it as true or not. I am not sure that...
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    Babyface Pro FS vs Fireface UCX II

    Either one is a really great choice. I've got the Babyface pro fs for portability and is enough for me. Fireface UCXII has more line in's, more line out's, more channels for expansion 40 channels (20 in, 20 out), vs 24 channels (12 in, 12 out). Fireface UCXII portability can record directly into...
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    Signal from reactive load bleeding into monitors?

    Maybe move the RLIR away from everything else (amp, guitar, computer, speakers) as far as possible since it has coils inside.
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