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    If it's red- gotta be fiesta ( or Tahitian); am I right?

    Fiesta is very cool but like many others have posted, I’m partial to candy apple...matching headstock is a plus too:
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    What 'ya playing lately?

    I’ve been playing this one a lot lately. It is a Swiss knife guitar for sure with these split DATron pickups from TV Jones. Plays so easily that I had to put 11s on just to get a little “fight” out of it.
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    Straight bar bridges-intontation issue?

    I was worried at first about a bar bridge not being able to intonate properly on a Gretsch Penguin I was buying online. That fear was not realized as it actually is my most in tune guitar throughout the entire neck.
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    Show your teles!

    I only have one at the moment, a Magnificent 7 model with Mastery Bridge and Bigsby.
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    Green Thang! Post your green thingamajigger

    Metallic Cadillac Green Gretsch Penguin
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    Superficial question - what's your favorite strat color?

    Olympic white but I “settled” for candy apple red.
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    Your Prettiest Guitar

    Teye La Perla
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    Show your custom-built guitars Thread!

    Only one custom build in the stable currently, GMP Roxie...perhaps the best playing guitar I’ve ever owned:
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    Show Us Your Telecaster Deluxes!

    Here’s one I used to own...still can’t remember why I sold it?
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    70’s Goodness

    The cat made think of the Tom Hanks “David Pumpkins“ SNL sketch lol...
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    Schecter love?

    I had an Ultra III a few years back and thought it was great. Sounded nice and was a quality piece. Ended up selling as it weighed a ton and the volume drop switching from humbucker to single coil was severe. I’d love to give the new foil covered model a go.
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    James Trussart Guitars in general

    I’ve had a few, Steelcaster Deluxe and Steeltops but ultimately moved on. I bought them for their looks and sold them because they didn’t have the organic tones I prefer from wood guitars. Lesson that took 3 purchases to learn because they look so damn cool lol.
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    NGD: the Unicorn- 2019 60th 1959 Aged with Brazilian- ULTRA RARE

    Perhaps the most beautiful LP I’ve ever seen online.
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    NGD: MotorAve BelAire

    I LOVE these the top of my want list.
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    Teye Guitars Owners (and Aficionados) Club

    Hi Teye! I upgraded my La Perla to Mojo from Mood a few years ago and I’m still pleased with it. I’m curious if the Juju is even better? I’m open to self installing the circuit but will that entail “messing “ with the black box guts and voiding any Nashville warranty work? Sorry things have...