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    If you are a fan of Sea Change and Morning Phase be sure to check out "Histoire de Melody Nelson" by Serge Gainsbourg
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    What is this Silvertone 1482?

    PSA, if you have a 1482, the BJFE/Bearfoot Little Trebler brings these to life.
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    Does a Strat with humbuckers defeat the purpose?

    Lollar El Rayos are a good thing in a strat. Fatter than s/cs, not at all P90 ish, less dense than PAFs.
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    Well Fender, it has been a good run...

    Suhr is an outstanding guitar.
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    Brick house bridge chord!

    for the bridge i like 10 10 9 9
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    Analog chorus is meh.......

    I bet if you played a Walrus Julia and or Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl MKII this thread would be deleted.
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    "do-it-all" dirt box when using backlines?

    One pedal does not do it all. My current drive setup for fly gigs is a menatone fish factory (dual pedal with both ts & sd1 drives ) and a MI Crunchbox V2. I can get in the ballpark for any dirty tone with these 3 drives ( in 2 boxes)
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    Dual overdrives

    Menatone Fish Factory is voiced so well. Super useful dual drive, stackable too.
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    Best pedal to add some top end sparkle

    Chasetone Secret is what you want. Adds top (or darkens if you prefer) but also sauce. Highly recommended Runner up is Jauernig Luxury Drive. Super tasty.
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    Steve Gadd Band ft. Michael Landau, Kevin Hays, Jimmy Johnson, and Walt Fowler

    Gonna see them in Oakland on Tuesday. Excited!
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    8" Combo Amps Fans

    I have a 60's gretsch single 6v6 with an 8. Has a great bluesy grind. I gigged it one time on a big outdoors gig that had a particularly lame load in; stuck it on a huge road case!
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    The 3 worst pedals you had the misfortune to purchase.

    Bogner Burnley. Harsh and muddy at the same time (how is that even possible) in a beautiful bubinga wood topped box. Neve transformer be damned, that thing was horrible.
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    Delay and live playing

    A really lovely combo for ambience is bright modulated delay into dark modulated delay. In my loop I use an Alexander Amnesia (memory man voiced) into a Malekko 616 Dark ( hi cut at 400 hz, bit darker than Carbon Copy). I typically use the 616 behind solos and clean rhythm playing that is not...
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    Joseph Lucido is gigging again after a close call.

    Sending love. Brother Joe is a great dude, I was lucky enough to hang with him in person when I was gigging in Monterey a few years back. Warm, generous with knowledge and of course a bad ass.

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