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    Quick question on AF 2 Klone...

    Just got this pedal. It sounds fantastic and is super versatile with the boost and buffer switch. I've never owned a real Klon, but I noticed the volume tends to increase as the gain increases. I have other pedals that do this (Pork Loin). Just curious if that's normal.
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    PCE Aluminum Falcon 2. Who hasnt got theirs interaction thread

    It seems to be moving, so that's a great sign. I empathize with the frustration.
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    PCE Aluminum Falcon 2. Who hasnt got theirs interaction thread

    updated list: Rory_Rules - paid June 12th - pedal #29 invoice #23 - ship by 12/16 parkerbro - paid June 18th - invoice - 40 - 60? - shipping notification Nov 29th bohemianbrian - paid? - invoice #50 - shipping notification Nov 29th ebenezer - paid June 19th - invoice #57 - ship by 12/16...
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    PCE Aluminum Falcon 2. Who hasnt got theirs interaction thread

    Got mine, # 64 (not the original number quoted, probably because some got refunds). Haven't cranked it yet, too tired! Great to see Dave come through. Seem to be rollin in fast now, based on all the receipts.
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    PCE Aluminum Falcon 2. Who hasnt got theirs interaction thread

    I think it's about promises made, promises kept. Folks can deal with delays when there is a steady flow of information. What we got--Lots of crazy stories about backwards screen printing, burnt boards, cash flow issues, illness, etc. And now silence. Add to that a heavily policed Facebbook page...
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    Ethics of selling pedals

    Awesome movie. Boiler Room ripped this scene off...Baldwin did it better.
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    PCE Aluminum Falcon 2. Who hasnt got theirs interaction thread

    Just added my details on #69 Nzh50 - paid June - pedal #13 - randalp3000 - paid June 11th - Nudefish11 - paid June 13th - pedal #14 invoice #15 - ship by 12/16 Tonefree - paid June 6th - received Zosozep7 - paid June 12th received Wombat - paid? - pedal #40 received Rory_Rules - paid...
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    Don Ross Tune recorded with AT2020

    Awesome playing. I'll have to dig my 4040 out now...You made that mike sound better than its price!
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    Deluxe reverb reissue, barber small fry, vintage vibe tele. Any input??

    yeah agree. tone is top shelf. Just sync up with that loop.
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    Zoom G3 = thin and yucky sounding...

    I tried to like mine. Colored my tone too much, although the FX are very good. I couldn't take what I perceived to be loss of low end in bypass and when engaged.
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    Setzer Tab Site

    I recall a really cool site that had a ton of PDF Setzer tabs. It was a private website, not a tab site. Does anyone recall this site? Just upgraded my computer and lost some great tabs.
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    Compressor users, how useful is having one?

    If you're gonna play in Texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the band (and a compressed telecaster).
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    Update on Shipment of AF2 #2

    Here is the latest, for those that didn't receive this: "Hi all, Thank you for your continued patience as we ship the AF2's. There is a slight delay that I wanted to let you know about, but it is minor. As I was testing the new units this week I noticed something that didn't quite...
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    Update on Shipment of AF2 #2

    The latest, Dave has discovered a "quality control" issue and has stopped shipping again. LOL. WOW! Maybe mine will come with a free Zakk Wylde Les Paul :)
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    All of Me - Too much Setzer and Rev. Horton Heat?

    No such thing as too much Setzer. Cool video and great tone.