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    What makes a Varitone a "good one"?

    I haven't heard complaints about the Varitone in newer guitars, although there aren't too many of them around. I love it in my 2011 ES-345. The wiring in the new 345 is probably a lot different than in the vintage ones, and I suppose the VT itself might be engineered differently. Anyway, the...
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    White guitars love thread

    My Telecaster looks just like this, 'cept for the humbucker. I really like the black and white combination with the maple neck.
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    How long are guitars supposed to hold tune?

    Certainly, tuning stability improves with the stretching of the strings, so brand new strings that haven't been stretched much will de-tune relatively easily.
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    Happy 99th Birthday Les Paul...

    Great thread, thanks for reminding us of Les the man. Glad I caught him at the Iridium once in his later years.
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    Are Historic 335's Better Than Late 60's 335's?

    I sold a 1967 ES-335 when unemployed a couple years ago, and after finding work again, I decided to try my luck on a 2011 ES-345 as the replacement. Not exactly apples to apples (or maybe it's like Granny Smiths to Honeycrisps), but although the '67 was excellent, I like the 2011 guitar even...
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    Neck Size & Tone

    In my experience with several Gibsons, the fullest, most "classic" Gibson tone has come from a 2011 model guitar with a 60s slim taper mahogany neck. This didn't surprise me so much as the fact that the profile felt comfortable. What Gibson calls "slim taper" right now actually has a nice...
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    Post your Number One Guitar

    I've had disappointing Gibsons before, so I know how hit and miss they can be. This one hits the bullseye - a new Gibson totally living up to the legendary name:
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    Anyone prefer a MIM Strat?

    I used to have a '03 American Series Strat, and now I have a 96/98 MIM. I never had these together nor played them through the same amp. The main differences I am aware of are the neck and vibrato. The AmSe had rolled edged which felt nicer than the MIM neck edge does. Also, the AmSe had a...
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    NGD: 1983 Gibson ES335

    Your guitar brings back fond memories of when my friend bought a 1983 ES-335 in the same finish. This was back in the late 80s, via a printed want ad (remember them?). He still has the guitar. At the time, I thought all 335s had block inlays, so I didn't like the dot inlays. Little did I...
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    Incoming NGD - first ES335!

    Looks lovely! My Memphis 345 has that combination of sustain, warmth and nasally-to-woody tones that I always wanted in an ES, but didn't find in such abundance in even the late 60s Gibsons I had. I hope you have the same joy with yours.
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    My Gibson R7 just keeps getting better!

    They are excellent guitars. Bless you guys who like those utility pole necks...definitely not my cup of tea. R9 or R0 would probably be more to my liking in that regard.
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    Price check: '65 ES-335 w/ Bigsby

    1965 was the transition year to the narrow nut. All things the same, the value will be higher if your guitar has the wider nut.
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    What do you own of the holy trinity?

    At the very least, it has saintly status.
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    What do you own of the holy trinity?

    Posted earlier, adding in images of my guitars. I have no complaints with these: Acoustic is a 2001 HD28: Electrics are 1998 MIM Strat, 2004 MIM Tele, and 2011 ES-345:
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    What do you own of the holy trinity?

    I have tried (and liked) several other makes of guitar, but ultimately, the "Holy Trinity" is all I have kept... MIM Strat and Tele, ES-345 and HD28.