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    Smallest/best brown sound valve amp for low volume home use

    Volume does sound better as the speakers are moving more air. And tube amps do sound better with some volume. But amp designs that produce the distortion in the preamp tend to be far better low volume amps. For most genres of rock and some metal the 5150 III 50watt is a surprisingly good low...
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    Getting more head room out of a 100 watt Marshall / burgera

    what power tubes are in it?
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    An Interesting Find, Old RCA Tube Kit

    They are in there! Appreciate the help guys.
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    An Interesting Find, Old RCA Tube Kit

    Brother-in-law was cleaning out a family members house who had passed. My eyes popped outta my head! A few cherries in there too!
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    NAD! And I love it so far.

    It’s a solid amp. Enjoy!
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    Peavey JSX vs Marshall DSL

    JSX. I had the Bugera 333XL clone, very cool and versatile. If I ever see a Peavey JSX at the right price I'll add it to the collection.
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    How hard is it to build a Plexi?

    Ok, almost a decade Necro bump, wow.
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    Whats The Quintessential Fender Tube Amp?

    Fender doesn’t have one great amp. They have many! I’ve played one of the more recent 22watt Deluxe models, drip edge Bassman modified to AB165, and have a 5e3 clone. The Bassman is one of my favorites. Belongs to a friend. Turn it up and the roundest warmest 3D tone I’ve ever heard. Simple...
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    Budda 18 vs Dr Z MAZ 18

    Never played the Maz but Buddha’s are very cool but also very loud.
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    Should I buy a peavey valve king 1x12 combo?

    Yup, that horrible fizz is all I remember. Didn’t have my VK very long.
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    EVH LBX2 vs 50watt...

    5150 III 50W 6L6 owner here, awesome amp from whisper quite to loud. Great amp.
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    SLO vs 5150 - am I crazy for even comparing??

    I have not played a SLO but the 5150 III is a great amp in it's own right.
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    Marshall 4x12 without the Marshall Price?

    I picked up an older B52 4x12 cab off CL for $50. It's all birch construction. Sold the 4 stock speakers for $75 and loaded it with WGS's.
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    Peavey Windsor is Better Than They (You) Say

    It's a circuit based on a Marshall JCM800. Use to see them in the $200-$250 range. And like a Marshall, sounds better with power tube saturation aka volume.
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    EL34 vs EL84 School me on the Sound Difference

    Interchangeable with EL34's. I put them in my JTM50 clone. The bottom end is a bit tighter.
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