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    Kayton Roberts RIP

    Nice tribute from Chris Scruggs -
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    Songs by a group that refer to one of their previous songs.

    I guess technically it's not the same group, but in the "She Gives Me Love" segment of Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe's "Quartet", there are several Yes song references. She give me love When love had gone away When the pressure came so fast She give me love Long distance runaround And in...
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    SIERRA HULL, a fine musician and technical wiz,,

    This was my first introduction to her, a few years back.
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    New Marty Stuart

    Absolutely. There are some shots of Marty with it in the studio in this video -
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    New Marty Stuart

    Marty did an interview and he and the Superlatives performed acoustic versions of 4 songs from the album on NPR a couple of days ago. http://www.npr.org/sections/world-cafe/2017/03/09/519489266/world-cafe-nashville-marty-stuart
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    Mike Campbell

    If you don't want to wait a month, you might want to check out Marty's "The Pilgrim" also. Mike was involved with that one too.
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    New Marty Stuart

    They just posted another song from the new album.
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    RIP, Jim Mouradian

    Very sad news. I recognized him as the designer/builder of the iconic "CS" green bass used by Chris Squire on Owner of a Lonely Heart.
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    Sturgill Simpson 10 years ago

    I agree. I first saw him in the fall of 2013 in a club with about 80 in the audience. At that time only his first album was out, so the set was padded out with a couple of Sunday Valley songs. I am glad for his success but wish I would have seen Sunday Valley.
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    Sturgill Simpson 10 years ago

    With Sturgill's appearance on SNL last night it's interesting to see what he was up to almost exactly 10 years ago. From 1/17/07.
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    Your single favorite musical video on you tube

    Here's one from a few years back that I like...
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    Winter songs- post 'em!

    This one's pretty wintry.
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    Great Songs Where The Drummer Uses Brushes ?

    Harry Stinson, drummer for Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives, uses brushes quite a bit.
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    Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman Tour

    Yes played "The Meeting" on their 2004 tour - it was however just Anderson and Wakeman on stage for the song (which is really all it needed).
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    New Steve Wilson album - 4 1/2

    This explains it pretty well https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4_½
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