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    New QSC K2 firmware - protect mode 4

    I had a new K10.2. It kept shutting down so I sent it back.
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    Who Gigs with a modeler and only uses the PA?

    It seems if you dial-in your sound using the bands PA and have monitors/in-ears, no more backline. No point of trying to find FRFRs or other amps, right? Just headphones or monitors for home practice.
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    QSC K10.2 and Pod Go

    Just sent back the K10.2. It reset at practice and stopped working at home. After powering on and off, it started working again. It had the latest firmware update. I had my output set to about 11 O'clock I wasn't overdriving the input. Great sounding speaker for modeling, but their product is...
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    Marshall Silver Jubilee Reissue Bass Eq Control Pot

    Bump. Used to be a bunch of amp gurus on here. I guess everyone is using modelers...
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    Marshall Silver Jubilee Reissue Bass Eq Control Pot

    Hey everyone, I was playing my JCM 2555 and the bass knob would barely turn, and then broke off. Anyone know what potentiometer is the correct replacement part? I think it is a 1M pot from the schematic but I can find the replacement part. Help, please.
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    QSC K10.2 - What pre-programmed EQ and dynamic processing are you set at for your modeler?

    DEFAULT The basic voicing of the loudspeaker LIVE For live sound reinforcement and vocal clarity LIVE BRIGHT Similar to LIVE with some high-frequency boost to balance the sub DANCE Low and high frequency emphasis STAGE MONITOR 1 For most stage monitor uses, reduces excessive bass build-up on...
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    Kemper Wins Today

    I have a ton of gear and was not sure what to take to the studio to finish an album. I have the powered rack version and really just picked a preset, turned off the delay and played my two solos. It took about 7 takes total for both. It was so easy. No mics, no outboard efx. I touched nothing...
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    Need 2x12 cab recommendations

    As much as I love gigging with a 4x12, it tends to be to big and cumbersome on stage. What is a decent 2x12 for gigging? Will be used with a Marshall head and a few pedals.
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    What 2x12 are you gigging with?

    A lot of times the 4x12 is just too much. Looking for something smaller for a cover band. Marshall heads and just a few pedals. Go.
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    Guitar Amp Builders

    I have seen a bunch of threads, and I'm just as guilty, of giving negative feedback on a particular amp or guitar. I think guitar and amp builders should be able to give feedback on the skill set of the people giving their opinions. And we can use skilled people such as Peter Thorn (sorry to...
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    Peavey JSX - C35 mod to fix the cocked wah on the gain channels...How to do it?

    Been jamming on this for a bit. I'm looking to fix the cocked wah sound. I think it is the C35 mod but I find any details on it. Help!!!
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    Need FRFR suggestions for playing live with a full band

    This is for a 4 piece band for gigs to replace my half stack. Not practice.
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    Need FRFR suggestions for playing live with a full band

    It is to replace my tube half stack. Most places we play are small so we don't normally have the drums, bass and guitar go thru the PA. Just keys and vocals. So for my self and audience to hear my guitar.
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    Need FRFR suggestions for playing live with a full band

    I need a quality powered speaker that sounds great and can handle 25 gigs a year. Using Pod Go and HX Stomp. Not going to mic it or run it thru the band PA. I have a loud drummer and need to keep up with him. What are you using live with your band?
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