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    Roland blues cube artist

    Imo, the Sparkle Clean is even more scooped than the UBTC.
  2. gearscrubs

    OD's based on Boss BD2

    Mooer Blues Mood has stock and Keeley mod circuits
  3. gearscrubs

    COVID19 inspired tube amp through headphones discussion thread

    Amps —> Delisle amp switcher —> Suhr RL —> GFI CabZeus —> API 3124 —> RME Interface —> Headphones/Monitors
  4. gearscrubs

    Who has experience with Henretta pedals?

    Orange Whip is very cool.
  5. gearscrubs

    Bogner Wessex, Harlow, Burnley updated to version 2?

    Doesn't need one - cut bass/treble = more mids; boost bass/treble = less mids.
  6. gearscrubs

    All in one - compressor, preamp, eq

    Not a full EQ, but the Bogner Harlow has a ton of boost available, plust compression and a Tilt EQ. Great sounding pedal.
  7. gearscrubs

    Bogner Wessex, Harlow, Burnley updated to version 2?

    Bogner website seems to have been hacked. I'd love a v2. The OG Harlow, Wessex, and Burnley have been staples on my board for the past few years.
  8. gearscrubs

    Favorite overdrive section for all fender rig?

    Hermida Dover Drive - fuzz-adjacent drive mostly for leads Bogner Wessex - low-mid drive that sounds great into a clean or driven amp Bogner Burnley - higher gain rock distortion - really screams into a clean fender amp Klon KTR - mostly clean boost with just a little hair and mid focus -...
  9. gearscrubs

    Distortion Pedal For Fender Deluxe Reverb?

    This is the one. Amazing through a deluxe reverb.
  10. gearscrubs

    Fender Tru-Shell Picks

    Just measured a few of these with calipers: Medium 346 (Triangle) = 1.0mm Heavy 351 (Standard) = 1.1mm Extra Heavy 551 (Jazz) = 1.3mm
  11. gearscrubs

    Why is so much money required to have some decent tone.

    Plenty of Ceriatone heads well under $1000 that sound fantastic. The Marshall Origin and DSL amps are also quite good for their respective tones. For heavier tones, the Mesa ROV25 and Mark 5:25 are reasonably priced on the used market.
  12. gearscrubs

    Dawner Prince Electronics Boonar (new ECHOREC clone)

    That is a ridiculous pedalboard. (In a good way).
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