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    Just search Agile on here and you'll find dozens of mostly favorable reviews.
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    Orange bringing back Rocker 30??

    good god shut up
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    ERNIE BALL MUSIC MAN guitars - mojo factor

    no guitars have mojo
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    So how many of you don't play the same guitars as your idols...

    I don't really have idols. I play alt rock and punk mostly, but play telecasters, uncharacteristic for the genres. I'm influenced by the overall sound of some groups, no particular guitarist though.
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    I've been running direct at band practice...

    I want one of those Tech 21 pedals. The only thing that hold sme back is lack of a headphone out.
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    Anyone refuse to use a hard case...

    I use my Suhr gigbag for almost everything that isn't long distance.
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    Orange (amps) Guitar pedals at NAMM?

    I am definitely curious... would love to see them do a treble booster voiced specifically for their amps.
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    Musicman Armada-----I WANT ONE!

    I don't like most non traditional body shapes but this looks pretty rad
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    List of things guitarists should learn to do themselves.

    People can spend their money how they choose.
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    The Amps of the Future

    It sounds like another gimmick to be forgotten. I can't see anything other than traditional amplifiers being the norm even into the future.
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    Why teles always had a small thin neck?

    OP said nothing about tone... his hands have a harder time with thin necks and that's not BS, perfectly reasonable actually.
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    What is your current most wanted guitar?

    2012 nocaster
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    Who is still gigging with a 4x12 cabinet?

    I do when needed, because a 2x12 doesn't sound the same, and will not compete with a loud rock band in every setting. 4x12s still have their place.