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    What Year Did Fender Start Using Poly Instead of Nitro on Strats and Teles?

    My Blonde ‘71 maple neck Tele is all Poly except for the face of the headstock, which is now noticeably darker than the rest of the neck.
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    Hey Power Supply Experts

    What is the current draw of your most power hungry pedal? Is everything 9v? On my nano board I went with an Ernie Ball VOLT as I had one power hungry pedal that didn’t get along with a simple 1 Spot daisy chain arrangement. The VOLT is $99 at GC, and it’s very compact.
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    Building API Lunchbox, preamp 512V

    I’ve had API stuff for quite some time. I really love the preamps, and the graphic EQ is one of my favorites. I did have a pair of 550b EQs, but actually prefer the graphics. I also had a pair of 527 compressors and I just didn’t bond with them. To slow in the attack department for just about...
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    All of my plexi-style amps are haunted by 'ghosts'

    I still think the simplest cure for ghosting is to increase the UF capacity in the first node of the power supply. Even simply doubling the UF capacity on the 1st node makes a noticeable difference.
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    Best power supply for Pedaltrain Nano - 2022

    Ernie Ball VOLT is working well for my nano board. Typically a 1 spot did the job, but the addition of a Dunlop Echoplex didn't work so well on a daisy chain, but adding the VOLT fixed the issues with it's isolated outputs. The VOLT is tiny, and only $99 at GC.
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    So I used a 4x12 cab for the first time

    I did a gig where a rental company provided a 4x12 that was wired incorrectly. I plugged my 1968 plexi Superbass 100 into it and there was barely any low end.I put my ears down to the cab and could hear the left pair of speakers were out of phase with the right pair. It was a black grill cloth...
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    Strymon Iridium for a mostly headphone player?

    I picked up the Fender Mustang Micro as an impulse buy and I use it much more than I expected. Currently it lives on the Fender Twin preset, and sometimes I’ll also use it with my pedal board. It so much more inspiring with its decent stereo reverb compared to say the Amplugs.
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    All of my plexi-style amps are haunted by 'ghosts'

    The trick is to fully filter the DC voltages to the output tubes, but to still allow for an amount of power supply sag that sounds natural. Not as easy as it sounds I suppose.
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    Can I put a 8 ohm output transformer into a '60s brownface 4x10 Fender Concert amp?

    Well, if the original OT is long gone I see no wrong with experimenting with what OT you put in there. My bet is it the smaller one will bring the power down a tad, and the lower notes will have a little less headroom. You might like it better that way, in the current world of keeping the volume...
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    How do you get the best tones out of your Telecaster?

    The best thing I did to my ‘71 Tele tone wise (the only mod on it) was to swap the pots for 250k.
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    All of my plexi-style amps are haunted by 'ghosts'

    Worth mentioning that when an amp ghosts, typically 1 note turns into 3. You get the note played, some hum, and intermodulation distortion adding a 3rd note.
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    Small, no-nonsense gigging combo under 25 lbs...

    Originally I had a head box built for it, then I ran across a stray empty Fender 1x10 combo Champ II cabinet. So it’s now all Rivera era Fender, but not an amp they ever sold that way from the factory. Just picked up another Bassman 20. Originally these only came in a much bigger 1x15 combo cab...
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    All of my plexi-style amps are haunted by 'ghosts'

    I just checked and for example a Hiwatt 100 watter has a little more than double the UF capacity on the 1st node in the power supply vs a Marshall 1959 100 watter. For a year or two on my 1968 era plexi 100 (original) I simply added 2 more 100uf caps put in parallel with the stock ones in the...
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    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    2022….My compact board for the Nashville, TN Broadway scene. This will bug the heck out of many due to the sideways pedals, ha! However the Compressor, Reverb, and tuner are always on. The placement of the others towards the edges of the board actually helps to not miss a button or hit the...
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    All of my plexi-style amps are haunted by 'ghosts'

    Years ago I was obsessed with getting rid of the ghosting in my vintage Marshalls. My mains amps then were Marshall Superleads (68, 71, 74) and JMP 50 watters (70,75). It was apparent the 100 watters ghosted more than the 50s. I hooked my 68 plexi 100 up to oscilloscope and confirmed the power...
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