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    Fractal AX8

    Bought one when they first came out, added a BigSky reverb, and I'm done buying gear.
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    Amp-in-the-room with the Kemper? Hell yes (clip inside)

    And when you play a big venue, mic it with an SM-57, and it sounds awesome through the PA !!!! ;-)
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    Kemper: Stereo or Mono Monitors on Stage

    If your FOH is mono, I'd stick with mono. I'd want to hear what's going to FOH.
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    "All the Pretty Girls" - Tone

    Love the tone on the intro here. It sounds pretty standard. Where do you start? Single coil/humbuckers? And what family of amp? Thanks.
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    Pops and clicks when people start walking around

    Hi. I just nailed down the symptoms of an issue I've had from time to time when playing in church. I play a VG Strat through an AX8 - direct to FOH. I've lately noticed that I get snaps, crackles and pops when I unmute everything, but only during Communion, as people start walking around the...
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    Strymon Nixie (Editor for Timeline, BigSky, and Mobius)

    Any news on the first release of Nixie?
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    Fractal AX8 Discussion Thread

    I have one and love it!
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    Amps that mix Fender and Marshall tones?

    Mesa TA-15 and TA-30.
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    Are modelers dead yet?

    Are modelers dead yet?
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    delay pedal users

    Extremely long (I think I use 1800 ms) settings are great for swells. Lots of gain, long delay setting, and a volume pedal. Sounds like a sick whale.
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    Tuned to Eb, but capo at 1?

    Some may do it to relieve stress on the neck, but I doubt that's the case with Keith.
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    Are tube amps dead yet?

    Yeah, I had an amp like that once, too.
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    It's kinda sad how many people waste their youth chasing a music career

    From the time I was 9 to when I was 16, I was dead set on becoming a rock star. One morning I was riding the bus to school, and it hit me... "no - that ain't gonna happen. Start thinking about something else to do that is actually feasible".
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    I am shocked at how bad this is

    Reverb and delay on the vocals would have gone a long way.
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    EVH on SNL '87: High Quality

    Those look like FRFR cabs behind him, so I guess he was using an AxeFX2. :-)
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