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    One Hit Wonders

    Ear Worm wise, I will press the button on the nuclear option- :hide2 . I expect to be banned shortly
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    One Hit Wonders

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    Is “Miracles” by Jefferson Starship the weirdest arrangement in pop music?

    I remember reading an interview w the band, I think in Rolling Stone, about it after it unexpectedly became a monster hit (I'm old!) The band said, somewhat bemused, how the released version was a completely different song- reassembled into different choruses & verses. They weren't complaining.
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    Interesting Analysis of "The Girl from Ipanema"

    'A Bridge Too Far', lol! I've been in bands where you begin that song and could see the train wreck coming a mile away, knowing there was nothing you could do about it.
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    Fight of The Best Dumble Clones! Quinn vs Louis Electrics Cobra!

    Tag, unless there's a master volume on your sound clip, that sounds really loud.
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    Jethro Tull, Nothing Is Easy

    That 2nd album was still 'jazzy' (a swing rhythm on that song), had a great quartet sound.
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    EVH was an eventual dead-end for electric guitar technique.

    To put this in perspective, A number of years ago when EVH finally achieved total sobriety and stuck with it, he gave an interview where he said (slightly paraphasing from memory): "My life probably would have turned out better if I just played guitar as a hobby, but did something else for a...
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    Is your guitar really in tune? Producer, musician Eric Valentine demonstrates the many factors of tuning

    Eric Johnson 1-2 months ago posted a 'mini lesson' on tuning on you tube. I don't know which lesson it was, he's done several while in lock down. Besides using the standard techniques, he also adjusts intonation using the 5th harmonic on the 7th fret to match the corresponding open string as an...
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    No EVH Tribute: Clapton,Beck,Townshend,Walsh,McCartney etc?

    Ha! I have a good friend who was at that show! He says tickets were maybe $15-20, which was considered high. VH opened, they were largely unknown, he said they were great. Then the Doobie Bros, who put on a great show. Then the Stones. He said he and his buds were on the field, no seats, and...
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    No EVH Tribute: Clapton,Beck,Townshend,Walsh,McCartney etc?

    'I can't pretend a stranger is a long-awaited friend.'
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    Eddie Van Halen: Closet prog and fusion head

    He knew that an instrumental record doing a prog or jazz-rock thing would be a vanity project, that wouldn't sell much. And could concievably derail future hard-rock/pop VH records, by projecting the wrong 'image'. Business wise, he got to be very sharp, and pretty hard-nosed if you weren't a...
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    Eddie Van Halen critique

    'Mr. Martin, you have just reached the first plateau!!"
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    Eddie Van Halen critique

    In a GP interview way back. early in the Van Hager, EVH said there was a separate skill set to writing successful pop hits and he was very happy & proud to do so. RIP. There's always been this narrative that portrayed him as a shy, sweet somewhat innocent artist who just wanted to play his...
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    new Greta Van Fleet

    Here's a similar retro quartet out of the 50 yr Time warp that seems popular....dirty honey....
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    Maynard had COVID, now lung damage

    Frog in hot water analogy. Yes, the long term effects of acute Covid can be serious and not infrequent. 'Do something!' Meanwhile, the devastating long term effects of chronic obesity & no exercise surround us. 'Do...nothing!'