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    Apple discontinues the iPod classic

    And I couldn't agree with you more. And by the time I get ready for something new, who knows what will be on the horizon.
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    Apple discontinues the iPod classic

    I've thoroughly enjoyed my I pod classic ( the one with the wheel) I've never had any trouble with it and I listen to it just about every day. I've only had to replace the original headphones for an upgrade. For backup I have a Magnavox mp3 player, which I've had for five years now, as long as...
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    Band Member Who Reads Lyrics During a Gig

    When Aerosmith was on VH1 Classic, recently their live show in Japan on stage shots you could see teleprompters with the lyrics scrolling on them.
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    Greatest "Yeah" in Rock n Roll

    Don Brewer of Grand Funk Railroad in " Can You Do It" Steven Tyler's yeahs in "Let The Music Do The Talking" Yello "Oh Yeah"
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    Any of you guys just get tired of heavy (metal) music?

    I'm 54 and the heaviest metal I listen to is Motorhead, as a whole I've never really been a heavy metal fan to begin with.
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    Can your fave band be summed up with 5 songs?

    Are You Ready Closer To Home We're An American Band The Locomotion Bad Time
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    Top 5 most important American bands?

    Grand Funk Railroad Aerosmith KISS (the original, Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter) The Doors Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble
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    Song that makes you...

    For me anything by Grand Funk Railroad, particularly "Closer To Home " Ryan Adams, "Chains Of Love" always gives a lump in my throat as well.
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    Name your heroes

    Mark Farner Buddy Rich Freddie King And like so many others, my list is endless as well.
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    AC/DC Drummer Confirms Band Will Tour

    I loved Chris Slades drumming when he was " filling " in for Phil a lot more than I did Simon Wright. But Phil is the backbone of AC/DC .
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    Your favourite AC/DC album

    Back In Black and I've been an AC/DC fan ever since.
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    Ginger Baker Is 75

    Happy Birthday.
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    Best "Best Of" Classic Rock CDs?

    Mark,Don,and Mel 1969-1971
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    How did you choose your screen name?

    After my favorite band Grand Funk Railroad, for which I've been a loyal fan for 43 years now.
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    Who would you put in your top 5 greatest American rock bands ever?

    My 5 favorite American Bands in order: Grand Funk Railroad Aerosmith KISS The Doors Lynyryd Skynyryd