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    I think I’ve read the same comment several times about different guitars, from the same guy.
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    String bridge pins and tone?

    Yes, that’s the type of advice one would receive from that site. Real mainstream practice wouldn’t you say? Watch out taking any more great advice from those “players”.
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    Martin to Taylor…!? A Change of Faith…

    Bringing AGF (A Vs B) topics here (bang for your buck) seems unnecessary. I escaped that overly policed regime and had hoped those topics were left behind. The only relief is that they’re easy to spot.
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    Machine Gun Kelly live at 2021 VMAs

    Each time I see him and Megan together I say a prayer that she’s had a recent tetanus shot.
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    Yay or Nay: Martin 000-15SM

    If I believed they all sounded the same I could offer a suggestion pro or con. Since I don’t, the only way I could know is to play that particular guitar.
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    Crosby's candid thoughts on Young

    Yes, and since it was written exactly as you say, the fact is was misinterpreted is kinda funny and scary at the same time.
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    Crosby's candid thoughts on Young

    If he's David Crosby, a former member of two of the most successful groups in history, and if you're right, "nobody give a flying fark what he thinks", why would you bother to comment? Your credentials, and mine, are probably somewhere South of where his are, just guessing.
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    Carr Mercury V vs. Slant 6v

    The Mercury V is my #1 amp, besting a bunch of others by a wide margin. It s the sound in my head, I'll never sell it.
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    Crosby's candid thoughts on Young

    It will obviously come as a shock, but you don't possess that power. Participation trophies distorted your perception.
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    Crosby's candid thoughts on Young

    All any of us know is how Neil comes off in an interview. Based on that, I'd have to say he's an arrogant jerk, condescending and narcissistic. Further buttressing that opinion is the fact the guy quit CSN&Y in the middle of a tour. What kind of guy walks out on his bandmates in the middle of a...
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    How do people buy a guitar without knowing the weight??

    I wonder how many incredible guitars were passed over by someone more concerned about weight than tone.
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    How do people buy a guitar without knowing the weight??

    I think these are the same guys posting WTB threads.
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    FS OX Box, minty condition

    OX Box is an an awesome recording tool. I’d never part with mine.
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    FS Carr Merc V

    I'd never part with mine, so GLWS. This amp is incredible.
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    NGD: Terry McInturff Carolina Custom

    Congrats, lovely instrument, enjoy!
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