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    Theory about what people don't understand about PRS...

    Leo Fender got it right with the pine body telecaster. The rest is fluff.
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    Jimmy Page is a sloppy player and shameless plagiarist. He’s also an all-time great.

    I dunno... sloppy is sloppy, but I chalk it up to his drug abuse. He is a great songwriter and studio guitarist, one of the best ever.
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    The Beatles are overrated

    Billy Shears is from Scotland and parts his hair on the right side. (see above attachment) "... and a parting on the left, is now a parting on the right..." Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who
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    Help me identify some old tubes?

    Nails need trimmed, unless that's your picking hand.
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    New string tone

    In addition to new strings sounding better, they also feel better. I sweat acid and my strings corrode quickly.
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    The Beatles are overrated

    3/5 of the group is dead.
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    The Beatles are overrated

    Which Beatles? Before or after Paul died and was replaced with Billy Shears?
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    What five guitarists have influenced you the most?

    1 Eric Clapton 2 SRV 3 Roy Buchanan 4 Duane Allman 5 Carlos Santana
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    Elton John v. Billy Joel v. Paul Simon

    This is critical information that I forgot when I voted for Elton.
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    Elton John v. Billy Joel v. Paul Simon

    Elton John. His music stands the test of time. The other two's catalogs seem dated.
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    amp buzzes (distorts) on high notes on clean channel

    Maybe you have a microphonic pickup in the Flying V? I had a similar issue with my tele, then I re-dipped the offending pickup in hot wax and it went away.
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    About unavailable tensions...

    I have no idea what ya'll talkin bout. Carry on.
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    Tele Pickguard - What do you think?

    pearloid makes a statement, i like it
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