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    Steinberger Spirit owners... regarding your tuning stability

    Totally normal. I have a Steinberger Spirit GU-7r and a Hohner G2T; both are great instruments that hold tune very well, but there's just no such thing as a guitar that you "tune it up once and don't tune it again until you change strings."
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    New guitar with lacquer damage

    Looks like something collided with the edge of the fretboard at some point. If the guitar came to you in that condition, I'd say return it. However, it's hard to say whether the damage was there before or after it went into the shop, so that complicates things. If it was a guitar that I had...
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    FIRST album that actually changed you?

    8 years old... heard Rik's solo on the title track and decided then and there that I needed to learn to play the guitar.
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    Poison (band) 40 years later

    Caught the 'Stadium Tour' in Orlando this past Sunday... Poison was probably the most energetic and engaging of the bunch. Musically and visually, I'd definitely give the night to Def Leppard (who sounded amazing), but Poison gave a GREAT show. Joan Jet still sounds great and also put on a...
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    Which of your guitars stays in tune best (and what kind of tuners does it have)?

    For me, it's probably either the kit guitar that I built around '05, but used an original Schaller FR & locking nut that I've had since the 80's OR the CE24 over there << in my avatar.
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    Post Your Tuxedo Guitar(s)

    I've also got one of these in my collection, with a set of Lace Drop N Gain pickups: (*not my pic)
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    Post Your Tuxedo Guitar(s)

    Reverse Tux ftw!
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    Stickers on guitars

    Most of my guitars are personalized in some way, whether merely cosmetic (stickers, etc), for added functionality (pickups, different hardware), or both. My Variax, for example, has a Warmoth baked maple neck, a DiMarzio FRED, a flashy pickguard from Greasy Groove, and a couple of decals.
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    Stickers on guitars

    Is that Surf Cruiser?!?! I haven't seen that since I had a similar decal on my Strat in the 80's, lol! Ironically, my kids are going to Ron Jon's Surf Camp this summer!
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    Trumpet shredding

    Hey, if I ain't peelin' the paint off of the back wall of the venue, am I even playing the trumpet?!?! Don't make me dig out my Schikle or Jet Tone mp! Seriously, though, listen to Wynton Marsalis' recording of Arban's 'Carnival of Venice', the last variation in particular (around the 7:00...
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    Frist NGD in three years and it's a doozy!

    Understand completely. My girl is a singer and pianist who goes nuts when playing a non-weighted keyboard, so she 'gets it'. Aside from quizzing me about my preferences, she actually did a BUNCH of research into wood types, guitar construction, etc. and reached out to several other guitarists...
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    Frist NGD in three years and it's a doozy!

    yeah... That pic was taken in minimal lighting soon after I unboxed it. The Sweetwater pics are of my actual guitar and more accurately represent the color.
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    Which PRS should I get?

    Definitely something with the PRS 25" scale. Since you have several set necks and price is a concern, maybe a CE24?
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    Frist NGD in three years and it's a doozy!

    Thanks for the kind words, folks. I definitely feel like I hit the jackpot with my girl. My world is SO much better with her in it!
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    Frist NGD in three years and it's a doozy!

    Confession time: Through all my years of playing guitar, I’ve only owned one actual Fender, an 80s MIJ Strat that came to me in the early 90s with a suspiciously missing serial number. Call it bad mojo or something, but I never quite bonded with that guitar and ended up giving it away some years...
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