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Recent content by gitarzilla

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    Taylor/Richards era Stones

    I should also mention that a lot of Mick Taylor's playing and sound as is well showcased on "Ladies and Gentlemen..." sends shivers down my spine. His slide stuff through those big Ampegs on Love In vain just kill it.
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    Taylor/Richards era Stones

    Just reading some stuff re: T/R era Stones. Seems to be a lot of peoples favorite Stones "era." Got me wondering if that's because of what Mick Taylor contributed or just the whole vibe and song-craft of the Stones at that time. In other words, do you think it mattered much at all who else...
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    Blade Runner by Supervee; report from recent install

    BTW the bladerunner concept is not completely original. Fender used a similar system in the early 80s:
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    Blade Runner by Supervee; report from recent install

    they're available w/brass or steel blocks now. I recently installed one w/brass block in a chambered strat build. brass brings some nice lower harmonics to the party - has a nice "ring" and gobs of sustain. if you like the more traditional brighter sound of steel like the callaham that's...
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    Your Favorite Tremolo Pedal Is??

    Been through a lot of nice trem pedals but the Hardwire TR7 Tremolo/Rotary pedal just kills me. 3 trem settings - bias, opto and another cool choppy one; decent sounding leslie setting and 2 vibrato settings. True bypass, tap tempo, built like a tank, killer sounds and CHEAP. Made me wonder how...
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    I have uncontrollable Grosh Electrajet gas, care to share a photo of yours?

    Isn't Don making his set necks anymore? Here's mine:
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    Strange overtones on Strat, what gives?

    Sorry, but that's just not true. The magnets exert their pull on the strings' excursion, which is most likely what's causing the odd/out-of-tune tones, whether the guitar is played through an amp or not. The fact that it does happen acoustically is one the main reasons to suspect the pickup...
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    Boogie Royal Atlantic compared to Stiletto?

    This. Seriously. I'd be very interested in a similar such amp if they could come out with something that isn't the size of something you could cross the Atlantic in. Got an Electradyne head that has some of the best cleans this side of an Underground 30. If they could get those cleans together...
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    Need advice with my strat bridge

    The best Strat trem bridge I've found is the Super Vee Bladerunner. The Mann Made trem like on PRS is a good bridge too. Both of those are pretty expensive, but if you're also having tuning stability issues, they'll help a lot. If you're just breaking strings at the bridge, there's a zillion...
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    School me in my search for Jazz

    OK, lets see if we have this right: you're seeking "happy music" in a style of music that was born of the blues and whose practitioners were for the most part tortured souls struggling to express themselves while trying to survive the harsh realities of abject poverty, drug addiction and racial...
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    I may be a little late to the party, but anyone else find themselves a little intoxicated by this stuff? 18? Really? Very cool. What else they hidin' down there in NZ?
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    Body damage from Les Paul's?

    Me too. I've never had it extensively diagnosed to the point of knowing which vertabrae exactly are messed up, but I've got a permanent knot in my back just below the left shoulder blade that is, on a good day, tolerable; after a full weekend of gigs it's near excruciating. I attribute it to...
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    Has your band ever been stiffed by a venue owner?

    If someone hasn't said it already, welcome to the world of the gigging musician. Club owners/managers can be pretty squirrelly to deal with, but think of who they mostly have to deal with: drunks, trouble makers and people who probably don't pay their tab or take their time about paying it...

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