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    FS FS - Decibel Eleven Switch DR

    Excellent condition - 4 loops - 2 switch jacks - 1 expression pedal jack - MIDI in and out - runs off your 9v power supply $120 shipped via USPS Priority Mail and PayPal'd
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    FS FS Good Pedals - Good prices

    All pedals come in original packaging with no velcro unless otherwise stated. Shipping and PayPal fees are included in price - Pedals shipped via USPS Priority Mail - "Signature Required" upon request. I am not looking to trade unless you have an MXR Dyna Comp Deluxe, Xotic BB Preamp, or a...
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    People who flat out lie about their gear/music background?

    While in college (many years ago) I came across a guy who claimed to be a guitar player. As the conversation progressed he told me his band "Knight" had participated in an outdoor Battle of the Bands in front of 10,000 people. Truth was, "Knight" was my band and we had in fact played at that...
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    I Wish MXR Would Come Out With a Mini....

    Mini's are great, especially if you use a loop switcher and can then cram them in tight since you don't have to worry about stomping 2 pedals at once with your big feet. I'm putting together an all MXR board and it already sports the Sugar Drive, Timmy, and Phase 95. I would love to see MXR...
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    Led Zep Reunion Tour--Build a Pedalboard for Jimmy Page:

    I saw the Presence tour... I know his secret... white curly guitar cord, stretched out to the max!
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    Klon Clones Comparison

    I've had a Sugar Drive for awhile now and just picked up a Tumnus last week. An A/B comparison between the two showed me virtually no difference in tone (both sounded great!). I have never been very big into stacking dirt pedals, but both of these pedals really play well with others - I like...
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    Underrated dirt pedals

    I'm putting together an all MXR board for fun and I have been very pleasantly surprised at how good MXR Drive pedals sound. I plan on using a Micro Amp for a boost / light OD and have 2 slots reserved for heavier OD / Distortion. Currently I have a Super Badass Distortion, an Il Diavolo, and a...
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    Maybe I already have the best amp....

    Just a thought, sitting up late at night with a few drinks in me.... Been checking out YouTube vids for a few hours now - tube amps - and a lot of great ones out there. But while I watch I have a guitar in hand and noodle around a bit. I know YouTube sound is not the best, but my noodling amps...
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    Who is your favorite pedal demo guy on YouTube?

    This is not about any specific pedal, but instead about the guys on YouTube who demo pedals and thus empty our pockets of any and all coinage. I would put Pete Thorn at the top of my list and following close behind Brett Kingman and of course the guys on That Pedal Show - the Captain, Mick and...
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    Phaser recommendation?

    +1 on the Small Stone - I prefer the early 70's version. I've had one since... well, the early 70's...
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    who here has the most dirt pedals on their board?

    RedHead, BB '11, Screwdriver, LL, FAB 50, Cruch Box, Kalamazoo - I don't know how many that is, but that's how I roll....
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    Lovepedal Dragon Fuzz Lets talk

    The Dragon is cool - the BB '07 is cooler - IMO. What ever you do. don't get rid of the COT - you will regret it!
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    Swart Atomic Boost OR Analogman Beano Boost?

    I love Rangemasters, but I am not as fond of these type of posts, because.... A Rangemaster does indeed work as a boost, but not a clean or transparent boost - if you are looking for that don't buy anything that mentions the word "Rangemaster". "Treble Booster" is a poor way to describe...