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    Schematic for a THD BiValve

    That's fantastic guys. Thanks ever so much. I really appreciate it. I didn't realise Andy was still active on eBay. I'll remember that for future reference.
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    Schematic for a THD BiValve

    Quick bump in case someone missed this then I'll give up!
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    Schematic for a THD BiValve

    Hi folks. I have been trying to track down a schematic for my THD BiValve. It needs some work doing on it and the guy I take my amps to would like one. He is trying to find one too but I figured I'd try and help. Obviously, THD is no longer trading as it was and emails to the old THD email...
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    Nice and simple clean boost

    Sounds like a plan to me. I'm so out of the loop when I think TC I think G System not stomp boxes, let alone mini stomps.
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    Nice and simple clean boost

    I used to have one actually. Sold it a long old while ago. They are a lot of £££ though. There's a mini one now I believe which is half the price. Any opinions on that would be good to know.
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    Nice and simple clean boost

    Hi everyone. My Moollon signal boost died. I've had it for years. I use it to bring the output of my Strat up to the level of my Explorer so I can switch guitars quickly and easily. I have my pedals and amp set right for my Explorer (main guitar) and when I switch to my Strat I kick in the...
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    Name the pedal that you do not use much, but will never sell.

    Skreddy Mayo. I like it. I use it a bit. I wouldn't sell it because I couldn't get another one.
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    Enough with the "What is the best [...] pedal" threads!

    Of course it's subjective. We're all just offering our opinions on everything. You say 'blatantly subjective' like it's a problem. Would you prefer it to be more subtly subjective? I would be hard pushed to find a discussion on here that isn't subjective by its very nature. Way to welcome...
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    Any pedals that have Wowed you recently?

    Finally got a chance to try a Honey Bee. Man, what a pedal! Such a great stacker. I might be a decade behind the game but I made it eventually.
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    Purple Plexi with a Strat?

    I have a PP800 so it is a slightly different beast. I think it works great in a clean amp. And it cleans up really well. I have gigged it a load of times into various loud clean house amps (some SS, some valve) and it always sounds great. I can cover from almost clean to highish gain doing...
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    Big Muffs?

    I haven't been here in a while. TGP never changes though. The P-1 is a damn near £600 / $730 pedal. Of course it is the best. Edit: I forgot to actually contribute. I have a Mayo which I love. I was lucky enough to pick it up years ago from Vintage and Rare Guitars in London straight off the...
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    Truly Great Pedals No Longer In Production List.

    Antelope FX Morning Dew EQ. I use it all the time. I have pretty much never turned it off in the years I have had it. I forget how long it has been but it must be getting on for 10 years. Also, I absolutely love my ToneFactor Nebula. It's a Phase 45 clone though so you can still get them right...
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    Marshall in a Box

    I have had a lot of success with both the Love Pedal PP800 and the FETTO. I have FETTO v11.1 I think. I have gigged both through a variety of house amps, both valve and solid state. Mostly loud-ass solid state monstrosities. I have had great results with both but I think the FETTO has it for me...
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    Paul C 2016 Tim?

    Haunting Mids, now there's a phrase I've not heard in a LONG time.
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    favorite wah?

    I've had a Budwah for about 10 years. Never looked any further. No idea what the newer ones are like though.