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    Fender Player Plus microphonic humbucker

    You need to find out if they're wax potted. Wax prevents squealing. Maybe contact Fender.
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    Les Pauls, weight, and long gigs: A Poll

    I'm a weekend warrior, but have to carry my guitar to each show. Buses, trains, and walking. I actually sold a Les Paul because of the weight. I'm an SG slinger now.
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    Piezo pickup question

    I'm looking for ways to mute all the strings with the exception of the E and A string. I'm wondering how easy this would be with a Piezo style pickup. I've seen some piezo pickups have individual cables going to each saddle. Maybe i could de-solder the strings i don't want to hear. I also...
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    Fender Player Plus microphonic humbucker

    Take the pickup covers off then double check that the squeal is gone. After that, follow the video above. Good luck, bro.
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    Vocal harmony pedals opinions?

    Boss or TC. I have a Boss ve-5 that works well for live performances.
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    Gibson = Dad Rock? Has Gibson miscalculated for the future?

    I still see lots of Gibsons when i see local bands. Especially SGs.
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    Les Paul high fret access

    I need access to the 17th fret especially on the EAD strings. How easy is that on a normal Les Paul? Is it easier on a Les Paul Modern?
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    Gigging Bands Transportation

    Bus, train, subway. I'm not in the USA.
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    Lightest weight Les Paul

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    Lightest weight Les Paul

    I'm looking for a Les Paul but would like something as light weight as possible. I have an SG that I love, but also want a Les Paul. I'd like to keep it under 3.5kg if possible. Are there any models i should keep an eye out for? I'd be buying used, so running the racks isn't really an option...
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    Fender Player Plus microphonic humbucker

    The squeal was gone. I put the covers back on with a little tape to stop the covers vibrating and making the squeal. It's worth a try.
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    Fender Player Plus microphonic humbucker

    My MIM Fender Meteora mk1 had pickup squeal. I took off the covers and it stopped. I'm not sure if it's the same problem, but thought I'd post just in case. Good luck.
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    Slight dropouts every so often with Phenyx Pro PTG-12 wireless guitar system, how to stop them?

    I have the Boss and have not experienced any drop outs.
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    New Victory Amps

    £800 is $1045. If you're happy to pay that, then you're free to do so.
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    New Victory Amps

    £800 Ouch! That's way too expensive for me.
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