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    WTB Rawkworks Light OD or Night OD

    Let me know your price. Thanks!
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    Diamond Memory Lane DLX

    Looks like there are a few dealers with these in stock on Reverb. $269.
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    Sold Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine - $140 shipped

    Little Miss Sunshine in great shape! Includes box. Trades (add/take cash as needed) Boss DM-2w Boss VB-2w Boss CE-2w Boss RV-6 Reverbs generally Diamond Chorus, Vibrato, Quantum Leap try me
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    Sold Diamond Memory Lane Jr. - $145 shipped

    Memory Lane Jr in great shape! Trades: plus cash as needed: Boss DM-2 Boss RV-6 Boss VB-2w Boss CE-2w Boss RC-3
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    Sold Strymon Flint -$249 shipped

    Here’s a Strymon Flint in nice shape - just the faintest little nick on the left side of the case, but barely noticeable. Pedal only, no box, papers, PSU. Trades (add cash as needed) Boss DM-2w Boss VB-2w Boss CE-2w Boss RV-6 Boss PH-1r Boss RC-3
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    Recommend simple recording software

    Studio One is another good choice. If you don’t get along with Reaper, I’d try that next. It’s pricier, but has the advantage of more user-friendly built-in plug-ins. With Reaper, the built-in plugs work great but are ugly and a little intimidating. In a Windows environment, I think Reaper or...
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    Recommend simple recording software

    In all seriousness, it’s inexpensive, very light on system resources, and pretty easy to learn. Can’t ask for a whole lot more.
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    Recommend simple recording software

    Did anyone mention Reaper? If not, Reaper.
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    Sold EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master V2 - $139 shipped!

    Here’s an EQD Dispatch Master in great shape with box and paperwork. Trade wise, I’m looking for a looper, a Smallsound/Bigsound Mini, or a Chorus/Vibrato pedal. Thanks!
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    Best USB audio interface? Focusrite? Presonus? Something else?

    I wouldn’t spend much time stressing it. PreSonus and Focusrite both make great gear at a good price, and the sound quality differences between the two are going to be minimal for the average home recording enthusiast. All things considered, I’d spring for the two input interface (in either...
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    $279 seems like a fair price for that Blackhole, then.
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    JHS 3 Series: Cool tones / Better Value

    These remind me a bit of the Mr. Black Mini line at $99, in that you’re getting a nice sounding pedal with simple controls from a well-known boutique company at a fair price. What’s not to like? And all things being equal, I prefer the larger enclosures here, though that reverb would have to be...
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    New Chase Bliss / Meris CXM 1978

    I kind of appreciate the audacity of the price, honestly. To state the obvious, these folks are not dumb, and didn’t randomly assign this price point to it without a lot of thought. They knew that the price point would be controversial and that both companies could face some blowback if the...
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    New Eventide Blackhole Reverb pedal

    I’m guessing the answer is yes...and with the right execution and marketing, they could make a dent in the Strymon/Neunaber/Source Audio market for high-end reverb pedals. Those are some great sounding plugs.
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    Strymon Nightsky

    Well, so much for the “Strymon plays it safe” crowd.

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