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Recent content by gregb

  1. G

    1x10 combo that can do clean and take pedals, and mic'd at a gig.

    Peavey Classic 20, if you can find one.
  2. G

    Why do pedal manufacturers prefer 9v batteries?

    Guitar pedals likely use 9V batteries because of their relatively small physical size and the laziness of guitar pedal designers to learn how to use modern low-power ICs. Saving power just isn't a design consideration, seeing as most amplifier circuits (in both guitar effects and guitar amps)...
  3. G

    What was your "HOLY CRAP!" pedal?

    70's Big Muff Pie My smile faded, however, once the drums and keyboard joined in.
  4. G

    I love it when absurdly cheap pedals give absurdly good performance

    I'm a big fan of cheap pedals that sound great, but watch out for build quality. My DE-7 broke two weeks after I bought it, and I've had a lot of those cheap Danelectro pedals break on me as well. FWIW I've never had any problems with Boss or MXR.
  5. G

    Phaser that ramps?

    From the clips online, the Keeley sounds really lame. I'm looking for something with character, like an MXR Phase 90 or an EH Small Stone.
  6. G

    Phaser that ramps?

    I'd rather not buy a leslie, and leslie emulators tend to be kind of expensive, so I'm shooting for the next-best-thing. Any suggestions?
  7. G

    Who doesn't use a pedal board?

    I've never owned a pedal board for the simple reason that I don't use effects live. Most of the time all I bring with me is a tuner and an overdrive, but sometimes I don't even bother with the OD because as the show progresses, my tubes heat up. I think the lack of pedals has more to do with...
  8. G

    Pedal Shootouts?

    Really? No one else on here relished these?
  9. G

    Muff Users: How do you cut and still sound huge?

    This is great to hear- I have one in the mail right now. For the OP, I would suggest simply using an EQ.
  10. G

    The Guv'nor

    Scott, the best way I can describe mine is a mix between John Sykes (Thin Lizzy) and Angus Young (ACDC). It doesn't sound or feel anything like the original Bluesbreaker, which is fortunate because I use one of those as well.
  11. G

    The Guv'nor

    Finally pulled the trigger on an old Marshall Guv'nor, made in England. Sounds incredible! Can I get an "amen"?
  12. G

    The Sound of Capacitors

    It's possible but unlikely. In my first post I threw out the 1.4kHz figure in haste, without really thinking things through. In actuality the resonant frequency of most pickups and guitar cables lies between 2 to 5 kHz. Still not MHz though...
  13. G

    The Sound of Capacitors

    While the overtones may go much higher, the capacitance in the pickups themselves make them act as band-pass filters (low-pass for our purposes). Capacitors in general don't see a non-neglibible inductive component until you reach frequencies on the order of MHz. The tone control circuit of the...
  14. G

    The Sound of Capacitors

    Alright.. kind of jumping in late, but I thought my input might be of some use here: A guitar's tone circuit is not a stereo system. The highest frequency that a guitar can reach is roughly 1.4 kHz... That being said, I would venture to guess that a capacitor's alteration to the sound of an...