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    How much to you really use?

    Having tons of choices has given me a happier experience by allowing me to BETTER find my favorite tones. Think of it this way. Imagine you are in a room of amps in a studio and you have to choose one for your main overdrive/distortion tone. If that room has only 2 amps, you better hope you can...
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    Do modelers really need FRFR speakers?

    That was my impression also. While a real amp producing AITR (Amp-In-The-Room) sounds significantly different than anything going through FRFRs (or a FOH PA), a modeler through said FRFR/FOH will sound almost identical to the same type of amp/cab mic'd through the same monitoring system.
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    Do modelers really need FRFR speakers?

    I think the real question is what does your real tube amp sound like through the FRFR's vs the modeler through the same FRFR's. Do you hear a difference there?
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    Can't find a reverb in HX Effects that I don't hate

    FWIW, the Fender Tonemaster amps use convolution tech for generating the amp's spring reverb realistically.
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    Can't find a reverb in HX Effects that I don't hate

    And I thought it was just me......
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    Not meaning to put anyone down, it's just - are IRs really anything?

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    The future of Variax?

    I've never dug the concept. It takes all the fun out of guitar to have one 'it slices, it dices' guitar vs having one Strat, one LP, one Tele, etc...... Am I alone on this?
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    FM9 UI?

    How about using an Ipad with FracPad to edit the Fractal? I prefer to use the computer editor for significant changes but if I'm at the gig and need to make a smaller tweak, working the UI on the hardware, isn't the rocket science but more cumbersome.
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    FM3 v4.01 - the presets sound amazing

    Funny reading this post because I thought it was just me. Post-Cygnus, I even removed a lot of my Austin Buddy presets and my own creations (backed up on my hard drive though) to make room for the 4.01 presets because they sound so good. Some hidden gems include 'Modern Eddie' (cool pitch...
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    Why are we always being limited to 8 scenes/snapshots?

    I DO have to ask though..... how does Amplifire get gapless switched presets?
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    Why are we always being limited to 8 scenes/snapshots?

    How many sounds does one need in one song? I ask it this way because you can at least change presets between songs. Even then, how many sounds does one need per set?
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    Tone Master Deluxe Reverb gig report ...

    [MOD EDIT] While I LOVE my Fractal and it's a desert island piece of gear, sometimes I want and need simple. Sometimes I just want and need to plug straight into an amp. Sometimes I don't want or need to bring an FRFR. While I LOVE my Fractal and it's a desert island piece of gear, sometimes I...
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    Vox AC30 “Tone Master”

    Most people don't know this but any amp modeler that doesn't do multiple amp models at a time has devoted ALL of its computing power into making that one digital amp model sound as authentic as possible. IOW, if an amp has multiple modeling options, that doesn't mean its computing power is...
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    New Fender Tone Master Super Reverb!

    Totally agree. This is a clean amp and meant to serve as a pedalboard platform. Pedals in front of the amp will work great. No effects loop needed.
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    Helix vs Fuzz

    I can't check out the video right now but I'm surprised that you're finding any modeled fuzz to be close to the real thing. I don't understand the details, but I've read that fuzz pedals are the most difficult for modelers to nail because of impedance issues. Maybe someone else can fill in the...
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