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    New Tim by Paul C

    Will international customers be able to purchase next time?
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    New Tim by Paul C

    What a let down. Got the email, humbucker still had some in stock, tried to order - they won't ship to the UK. I guess I'll have to hope someone brings out a decent clone soon.
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    Delay pedals with great sounding feedback/oscillation?

    Skreddy Echo Fairfield Meet Maude Toneczar Echoczar All fantastic for oscillation.
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    So...What’s your favorite Treble booster?

    Blue Colander Superhigh - awesome sounds, beautiful build quality, and the gain control is a great addition.
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    D*A*M / EF DOPE PRIEST advice, please!

    It looks like the one on That Pedal Show had a green LED, which would make it a rams head, so the DP-75 is probably the best option for that tone. I'm sure they're all great though.
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    Mini Size reverb pedals

    I like the Nux Oceanic, the default verb is a plate.
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    Can't believe I'm doing this with my JCM 800

    Nothing wrong with using the jcm800 low input, that's one of the finest pedal platforms out there. In find it a bit weird nobody talks about that side of the amp, particularly as Billy Corgan's Siamese Dream tone is so legendary.
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    Is that it for tubes for a while?

    Not sure it's time to panic about tube availability just yet. Even if the supply from Russia is unavailable, and production doesn't restart in China we'll still have JJ. They're in Slovakia so aren't affected by the current situation, and I haven't seen any other reason they might stop production.
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    Have an Electric room for an amp

    I'll second the Blackstar Fly 3, really useful tool for low volume or headphone practice.
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    Fuzz (possibly distortion) for riffing, not soloing?

    I like either a Zvex Fat Fuzz Factory, or a mk1 Tonebender (mine's a Pigdog Electric Eye, which is great, but there are less expensive options)
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    $200 for a Rat

    Suf Skinner Box
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    Arghh — help finding a true bypass on/off active buffer pedal??

    Is there a particular reason for having the buffer 1st, rather than after the fuzz? Because that's what most people do. Assuming the fuzz is true bypass you're not going to lose any noticeable signal from one bypassed pedal and a few extra inches of cable.
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    Rat Pedal LM308 chip

    It is great to see some real data on this, so thanks for that. I a/b tested the op07 and lm308 years ago, and came to the conclusion that there was definitely an audible difference between the two. The op07 is tighter and brighter/harsher. The lm308 was warmer, and did that slightly saggy/fuzz...
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    Why are they so sticky???? A rant and a request for input (necks)

    Yes there are people who prefer gloss! Me for one - I've never found them sticky, and they just feel better in the hand.
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    Why so little jaguar content here?

    When I first played a Jag it just clicked, the scale length and body shape are just a perfect fit for me. Not sure why more people don't love them.
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