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    AC/DC sound in a pedal that is cheap.

    if you have a plexi amp already you should be almost there man... dime the plexi but roll the guitar vol back to around 6 or so and play on the bridge pick up. really he is probs one of the hardest players to emulate as his vibrato is almost impossible to copy and is so unique... it's like there...
  2. groovemeister

    van damme pro classic xke instrument cable...any good?

    does anyone use this cable for patch cables for their pedalboards? a local guy makes patch cables at a great price with this cable but i can't find alot of reviews on it, other than it being fairly low capacitance. cheers
  3. groovemeister

    What's your thoughts on the Jr Rockett Archer Klon clone?

    my silver archer has been sitting in the cupboard lately...it's a great pedal i guess but i don't really need it with the kot on my board. the thing that always bugged me with the archer is how it only sounds good with the gain round 9-10 and you need to be playing really loud for it to be cool...
  4. groovemeister

    Mooer Mini Pedals - reliable or nah?

    did it always do that man? mine arrived today but i only had 10 mins to play with it before i went to work - it was very silent and sounded great. i didn't notice any volume drop either - i remember reading posts here a few years back where lots of peeps said it had a bad volume drop.
  5. groovemeister

    Mooer Mini Pedals - reliable or nah?

    i have the yellow comp on my acoustic board and it is wicked man. before covid, i gigged with it solidly for 3 years (acoustic duo) and it never let me down. i also have the version 1 tender octaver which is awesome as well. i'm currently putting an andy summers board together and literally just...
  6. groovemeister

    International Shipping Pedals???

    i live in australia also and since covid, the cost of shipping has gone mental.... the other day i was gonna pull the trigger on a pedal from prymaxe ( cos of the 25% off labor day sale) anyway, i add to cart then checkout out and shipping comes up as like 58 bucks US - last year it would be...
  7. groovemeister

    Subtle Stevie Ray Vaughan tone tips

    the string gauge is not what makes you sound like Stevie (with the exception of the low e string) 10 gauge or higher is all you need but put at least a 52 on the low e string to get that piano like trip. turning the pick around and playing with the round end is a subtle, yet massive thing you...
  8. groovemeister

    Slider's Pickups - Anyone in the USA ordered?

    i have a set of the 59/srv in mine and they are the most mind blowing epic strat pickups i've ever heard. the neck in particular is an absolute superstar. i found his customer service to be first class. he responded within an hour to my first email and was happy to answer several question emails...
  9. groovemeister

    RIP Charlie Watts

    charlie was my fave drummer of all time....was absolutely shattered when i heard the news. just a beautiful human as well as a golden god.... bye charlie :rimshot:cry:
  10. groovemeister

    Which Strat pickups should I get?

    I put a set of sliders 59's in my strat and couldn't be happier. the neck pick up is an absolute superstar. I previously had a cs 69 in the neck, a duncan ssl 1 in the middle & a duncan ssl 5 in bridge. No contest - the hand wound sliders are leagues above the duncans and cs69.
  11. groovemeister

    Is The Catalinbread Talisman Still The Best Plate Verb In Pedal?

    the plate algorithm in the keeley omni is superior to the talisman :hideand adds a beautiful glassy, high end shimmer to the tone
  12. groovemeister

    help me find a wah. Please.

    im thinking of selling my area 51 soon if your interested. fuzz friendly buffer , true bypass, killer vintage wah tone . not really tweakable though i guess. the xotic has alot of tweak options as do some of the cry babys
  13. groovemeister

    Funky vibe Filmore East

    i love my classic vibe but i've had my eye on these sabbadius vibes for sometime now - how much are they? Also (and idon't mean to hijack da thread but:D) i'm dying to know if anyones tried his rainbow fuzz? can't find reviews anywhere. i have his italia drop in wah kit which is epic, so i'm...
  14. groovemeister

    What is your main overdrive pedal? (2020 Edition)

    king of tone and 808 with my deluxe reverb - sunface with my plexi....oops u said no fuzz haha
  15. groovemeister

    Pedal to equalize level between guitars

    mxr micro amp or eq pedal would work for this
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