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    Amps They Don’t Make but Should!

    I'd be interested in a 30 watt Vibro-King with a master volume, and in a head format, but with the same stellar reverb.
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    Amps you regret buying

    Fender Jazzmaster Ultralight. They discontinued the amp shortly after I bought it, and when my power supply died they no longer made a replacement. Amp ended up in the trash. What a waste of money.
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    The Tele, the ugliest guitar I shouldn’t have bonded with.

    Maybe it's just me, but I prefer a plain guitar anyway. Never been a big fan of figured tops, or bling on a guitar. If I was just gonna hang them on the wall I might see things differently.
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    I always have wondered what collectors of relic'd guitars say...

    Beginners, or people who don't play may be curious, but the vast majority of guitar players will know what it is. But "distressing" or "relicing" exists for other products as well. Leather jackets, or boots, or buying jeans with holes in them has been a thing for ages. I have never been into...
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    PRS Robben Ford Model

    Only for dentists under 60.
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    Finally could afford your dream guitar and found out it was not that good

    My father waited his ENTIRE working career for his dream guitar. In 1968 he purchased a Gibson ES-330, and a Deluxe Reverb. But what he really really wanted was a Gretsch 6120 in Orange, just like Chet Atkins. Once he retired he finally got his dream and purchased a brand new Gretsch 6120...
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    PRS Robben Ford Model

    Robben Ford is the PERFECT spokesman for PRS.
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    The Lowdown on Lindy Fralins

    It was a gamble. Like I said it was about 15 years ago. Couldn't find much in the way of clips online at that point. I was replacing a set of Texas Specials whose neck pup went microphonic. I had it potted, but it didn't sound the same, so I thought why not change it up. I wanted the Tele to...
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    The Lowdown on Lindy Fralins

    I have had no desire to change them in over 15 years. They do just what I want them to do.
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    Would you sell vintage to finance new?

    Absolutely. Selling a guitar you don't play for one you believe you will makes total sense. Vintage or not.
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    Struggling to play light strings in tune

    This is simply a deficiency in your technique. It can be corrected with practice. I taught many students who initially played like this, but with work were able to correct it. If you like the way you play, and do not desire to correct this flaw in your technique, then playing heavy strings may...
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    Right arm vs the hard edge of the guitar body

    Yeah. A couple of buddies of mine do that. It provides a little bit of padding, and it also helps on sweaty gigs.
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    Right arm vs the hard edge of the guitar body

    Just a sports wrist band that athletes wear.
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    NGD Tele-bration!

    I haven't weighed it yet, but the swamp ash body is significantly lighter than my American Standard tele.
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