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Recent content by GrungeMan

  1. GrungeMan

    Van Morrison: Latest Record Project Volume 1 review – depressing rants by tinfoil milliner

    In regards to the Doors tune, I stand corrected. (Can't remember things as I once did, damn oldtimers...) Oedipus, well stated... Ya I read the reviews on the 5-songs that received early release, the single with Clapton & the covid nature of the songs didn't do well. I read that Van...
  2. GrungeMan

    Van Morrison: Latest Record Project Volume 1 review – depressing rants by tinfoil milliner

    Big fan of Van the Man. Mrs Grungy & I have been Pfizered. We live in the bush so covid isolation hasn't changed much of what we do. Every artist puts out a stinker, says things from left field, no big deal. I don't have to agree with them but I don't take issue. I recall a famous bands not...
  3. GrungeMan

    Informal Band Members

    Nicky was a full fledged member of Quicksilver.
  4. GrungeMan

    1978 was a good year for music

    Aaargh, ya just had ta ruin it by puttin up all the Top 30 drivel! :bkw
  5. GrungeMan

    1978 was a good year for music

    As mentioned earlier Rafferty - Baker Street It's the sax, it's that sleazy sax!
  6. GrungeMan

    Revisiting the YES catalog. Let's discuss...

    Yep the whole catalogue, studio & the majority of the live stuff, plus a few duplicate reissues that have added songs. Don't care what era, who's in the band, I listen to them all.
  7. GrungeMan

    My kids don't like the Beatles

    Are they in the will? Remove them forth with...
  8. GrungeMan

    John Lennon. Brutal.

    Yes. And before that. I don't think any one of us knows what it was like to take the world by storm, be a Beatle, how it affected their home & 20yr old personal lives. What ever happened to John or who ever else famous I will not take it personally but remain detached & just try to understand.
  9. GrungeMan

    John Lennon. Brutal.

    It's been well documented he left the crazy music world to stay @ home, be a father & be a husband. I would call that a more normal life.
  10. GrungeMan

    John Lennon. Brutal.

    Like most humans Lennon had his flaws but I believe he changed for the better once he left the stardom party behind him & started living a more normal life. I don't see myself as Lennon's or any other stars judge & jury, I like to listen to their music & not worry about their personal problems...
  11. GrungeMan

    "Medicine Jar" by Wings

    Guitar-wise, I think McCulloch used an SG loaded with mini humbuckers ???
  12. GrungeMan

    RIP Bob Lanois

    RIP Mr Lanois
  13. GrungeMan

    RIP Mike Mitchell, lead guitarist of the Kingsmen

    I wasn't aware that anyone knew the words ??? :huh ??? RIP Louie
  14. GrungeMan

    Jackson Browne : "Somebody's Baby" from the Fast Times At Ridgemont High Movie (1982)

    They're all worth a listen. My favorites are The Pretender, Running on Empty. These were recorded at a time when there was lots of trauma, chaos in Brownes life, his wife had commit suicide, he was left to raise their infant son, obligations to go on big tours... I think his 1rst five albums...