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    Why Jeff Beck?

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    Classical music fans ... works/movements that inspire you ...

    Besides Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd (Kill da wabbit!!), my earliest exposure to classical music was an album that my parents had hidden up in the hall closet of our house. I can't remember them ever playing an album at all, but they did keep a couple of their old albums, one of which was Bizet's...
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    He is, but I'm hearing some auto-tune going on.
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    Musicians: Introvert or Extrovert

    Ambivert here. I prefer to be in the background, to be left alone and I'm still somewhat shy, but I've learned to engage people as I've gotten older, especially regarding business interactions, and I recognize that I've got a place on the stage at times and need to 'act accordingly'.
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    Why Jeff Beck?

    Thank you. I saw so many shows out there and many times I got the tickets for free through connected friends, but I do not remember all of the venues in detail.
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    Why Jeff Beck?

    I saw/heard him play this live back when he and SRV did the tour together. SRV was killer...and then Beck played and when this song came around, the entire place (I think it was the Forum in L.A.), all several thousand people, stood/sat silently and listened in complete awe. It was...
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    The Unguitar locator thread.

    Location: Delaware Unguitar instruments: vocals, bass, mandolin, lap steel, a little bit of banjo and dulcimer, drums, sequencing/sampling via limited keyboard knowledge. Styles: a variety Here's a song I 'composed' in minutes a few years back using only sampled sounds and my Akai MPK keyboard.
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    Multi-Instrumentalists Question

    It's the fingering positions due to the tuning that take a bit for me to readjust to on mandolin. Once I'm warmed up I'm fine. And, yes, lap steel is a big challenge since the technique is very different than playing slide guitar, which I normally do. The variety of possible open tunings also...
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    John Fruiscante vs John Mayer vs Tom Morello as a guitarist( funky playing included ) and not songwriter

    If Chris Poland were option C, I'd choose him. Between John F. and John M., though...both great at what they do, but it's my opinion that John M. does more with what he's got.
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    MEMORY LANE: Where were you when you first heard EVH's Eruption ? (and what did you think)

    Truth be told, when I first heard "Eruption" and the rest of VHI, it really didn't catch my ear. While I loved rock guitar music at the time, I was barely 11 years old and wasn't playing yet and was really into southern rock bands, so Van Halen wasn't really on my radar. It wasn't until a couple...
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    Michael McDonald killed the Doobie Brothers.

    I prefer listening to and playing guitar on the pre-MM era songs of the Doobies, but there's no denying that Michael's era generated some mega-hits that have stood the test of time. In my yacht rock band I get the honor (?) of emulating Michael's voice on "Takin' it to the Streets" and "It Keeps...
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    Best app for iPad lyrics on stage

    Several months after you asked...the iKlip mount for iPad, iPad2 and iPad Air is what we've been using for years. It's a perfect fit and fairly discrete.
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    If you had to be in a tribute band, what would your top band choices be?

    King's X Porcupine Tree Kevin Gilbert/Toy Matinee There'd likely be no one at our shows, but we'd have a great time playing the tunes.
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    Im not bragging but my band just got a gig from our warm up song....

    Yacht rock is all the rage now.
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