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    Is it wrong that I'm considering a VG Strat?

    Plug into any Roland synth or VG & you have an infinite number of models & synths. If anything goes wrong, you still have a Strat. I'd take it over the Line 6 anyday.
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    Is it wrong that I'm considering a VG Strat?

    I had to fix them, tell me about it. Their customer service even to techs tasked with fixing them was atrocious. I think they're junk, but ugly & unreliable. The nice thing about the VG is, it's a Strat. If everything else goes to crap, it's a strat. Connect it to any Roland synth of VG & you...
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    Any ESP experts out there? Help me ID this Guitar!!

    MI, MII etc. It stands for Maverick. The only thing I don't like is the trem they (and Jackson) used in those days. Fender owned the FR patent for a while in the early 90's & no one could use one without paying Fender. FR's were going out of favor at the time as well.
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    57 Classic vs. 57 Classic plus

    I have the 57 classic in the neck of my set neck guitars & I love the singing tone of it. The plus came up a bit short in the bridge. I like a 9.5k A5 scatter wound in the bridge for some reason.
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    NGD Homebuilt

    Very nice work. I like the neck joint. It looks very solid & will ensure great sustain. Once you build one for yourself it's difficult to buy one off the rack.
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    Greg Howe's 24 Fret Strat (Fender?)

    I saw his HM Strat ages ago at a show in NYC. He drilled the holes for the Floyd Rose too far forward & to get the intonation right, he slotted out the knife edges in the bridge to move it forward. It was a mess. How it stayed in tune, I'll never know.
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    Les Paul Repairs

    A properly cut nut makes huge difference.
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    Raw Vintage saddles - opinions?

    I've been a Luthier for 35 years & I'd love to know what a very vintage saddle sounds like.
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    How's the quality on the current Gibson LP Studios?

    No model seems to be better that the other in terms of quality, I have seen bad examples of each. I would play every LP they have without looking at the price. The cheapest one may sound best to you. But don't buy one you can't play first. Better yet, look at used ones.
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    Frank Zappa's burnt Jimi Hendrix strat

    He "Thought" it was Miami. But obviously it was another show. Frank was a pretty honest (too honest sometimes) guy.
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    SG-3 vs SG special faded (3-pickups)

    That's a lot of magnets under the strings. Just saying.
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    Current late 50's PAF prices?

    Good luck not getting ripped off. It's too easy to fake & there's not much magic in a pickup.I would buy new, but there's a ton of snake oil salesmen who are charging a fortune for $15 in parts.
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    Concerts where the opening act was better than headliner

    I've seen tons, but the biggest for me was '78 VH opened for Black Sabbath at MS Garden. VH ruined it for Sabbath.
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    Saw the Crowes last night in Orlando... I want a Rich in my band!

    I missed this show. But I saw them here at the HOB a few years ago. They played for 3 1/2 hrs. The sound was incredible. It was a real suprise of a show. I never expected them to play a small place, yet put so much into it.
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