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    Weber Silver Bell or Michigan speaker

    I've had quite a few Webers. Good company. I liked the Silver Bell as my main speaker with various heads for a few years. The different power ratings do sound different. I stuck with 50w mostly. I started to need a bit more "poke" and defaulted to Celestion Vintage 30. The Michigan is modeled...
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    Anybody have an Orange Valve Tester?

    Just a couple more anecdotes. The Orange tester has quickly identified which of several tubes had failed in an amp, instead of swapping, powering up, listening. It also warned of some near the fail point. It has also kept me from buying more when it "seemed" like it was time to replace. I don't...
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    EVM 12L or 12S... Which speaker has less high end (is warmer)

    The weight was another thing. Even one EVM-12L in a cab was plenty. Put one in a tube combo, or two in a Twin Reverb...
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    EVM 12L or 12S... Which speaker has less high end (is warmer)

    I preferred the 12L. Don't know if the top end was different, but the L had more mids so the top wasn't so prominent. My memories from 30+ years ago. I've been using Celestion or Jensen type speakers since the 90's
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    Aligning a drilled neck to an undrilled body?

    I've done this several times with good results. Sometimes when swapping a neck from a body with a cutaway heel to a normal body, there's one hole that's not in the right place. Also done it with all 4 neck holes when the body holes don't line up. Fill with a dowel, glued in with TiteBond, trim...
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    Weber Z matcher

    Yes they are. Mine was a good deal because it was in a custom made reflex cabinet with a 15. Original cabinet long gone. I put it in a Weber head box. Had to get a plain front panel and drill the mounting holes to fit the Fender chassis. I did a 3-prong conversion and replaced the electrolytics...
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    Weber Z matcher

    Been using a Z-Matcher with my 1960 (according to ser #) 5F6A chassis for years into either a MASS or old Marshall SE-100 for load or attenuation, going from 2 ohm to 8. No issues.
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    Rick Laird in Hospice Care - A message from his daughter.

    prayers for Rick Laird and the family. Saw him with MO in fall of 1973. The anchor of that band.
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    Really loving the Suhr SL-67!

    SL 67 is currently my favorite for those plexi type sounds. I had the Marshall reissue 1959 and 1987 PC board versions, long gone, and recently also got a Dr Z EMS and a Marshall SV20. They all have their thing, which is good. I just keep loving the Suhr these days.
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    Eric Johnson Strat - Nitro Finish?

    If I sweat at all, my fingers just stick to the lacquer. Too much to be playable. My 2018 EJ had lower than expected frets, but I liked the neck shape so much I had the fingerboard stripped and stained and refretted with taller frets.
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    Suhr Modern SSH+ pickup too middy

    Yes, in output and top end clarity. The "+" is quite a bit hotter and darker--great for high gain, but I wanted to be able to back off a bit and have more even volume between bridge and neck. In coil split, both are good. The regular SSH isn't too thin, IMO. Edit: I also had an old DiMarzio...
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    Suhr Modern SSH+ pickup too middy

    I changed a Suhr SSH+ to an SSH in the bridge of my Modern Satin and got enough clarity to satisfy. I also went with an old DiMarzio Bluesbucker in the neck for less mid spike. It's a lightweight guitar, which is comfortable, but it's been trickier than some to get in the zone for me.
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    Marshall SV20 head

    Yes, and I'm impressed by how a delay (TC G Major) in the FX loop doesn't wreck the tone or the touch sensitivity. Really nice amp. Has the Marshall "teeth" and a smooth sustain, pretty refined. I'll say I still prefer a Suhr SL67, my other Marshalls are long gone, but the SV20 is quite fine.
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    Fret position tolerance of 1mm good enough?

    I've been told by reputable repair shop that some years, Fender was using gang saws to cut all the slots in one pass. When the blades were replaced, sometimes the spacers would get put back in the wrong order and the fret placement would be off. I believe that was post CBS and before the 80's...
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    HSS bridge humbucker position

    I have humbuckers close to the bridge and also further out. Overall I prefer a bit more distance from the bridge, but it also depends on the guitar, the wood, the bridge, the pickup. And re: the neck pickup location, I usually prefer a 22 fret neck but I've made friends with the 24's as well...