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  1. Guitar Stu

    Candlebox covering Loverboy. I like this way more than I should.

    Big Candlebox fan here. Old mate can sing his arse off and is a great frontman. Great songs that are very catchy. One of my favorite live clips is the Live in Seattle show.
  2. Guitar Stu


    Bone crushing riffs on the first album. Many a time had my car stereo in my first car to the point of destroying the speakers listening to that first album. Love going on a youtube binge watching the live concerts. Some of the most insane crowds you are likely to see. The first public...
  3. Guitar Stu

    How many of you are fronting a band?

    I am only a weekend warrior type muso but do front a band and do some solo acoustic gigs. I consider myself pretty average but I have some things that work for me and things that I notice when watching other bands / performers. You have to be a pretty special player to make an instrumental...
  4. Guitar Stu

    The Chicks - Mmxvi Live (full Concert)

    I've always liked the Dixie Chicks and have the "An Evening with" DVD which is excellent and play Not Ready to Make Nice in my live set. This "Live" video sounds anything but and I hate when bands do that. Not once did I think think I was listening to a live performance. Been trolling through...
  5. Guitar Stu

    What is your go to band or musician tee shirt ?

    Anything that's not black. Which can be hard to find. I wish bands would think outside the box. Sell some cool dress shirts maybe with a small logo somewhere that you could wear out to dinner etc. Unfortunately most of the band t shirts I get are not from my favorites bands.
  6. Guitar Stu

    Aargh, all my favorite guitarists have terrible singers (themselves)

    Not comparing myself to any pros in the slightest but I have done the same thing. Sick of the issues working with singers and now sing for myself even though I am very average. An example of doing it right imo is Kenny Wayne Shepard. Love Noah Hunts voice and the guy who sang on his first...
  7. Guitar Stu

    Recommend me some southern rock.

    For something more hard rock, from Kentucky and from this century check out Black Stone Cherry. The first two albums, "Black Stone Cherry" and "Folklore and Superstition" are my favorites. More riffs in those two albums than you can poke a stick at.
  8. Guitar Stu

    Joe Walsh Life's Been Good

    Really enjoy the Joe Walsh songs I have heard and should probably dive into his catalogue. His singing has alot of character to it. His guitar playing speaks for itself. Anyway clicked on this drum cover of Rocky Mountain Way just last week (after watching the drummer in a youtube cover of...
  9. Guitar Stu

    Global Citizen One World:Together at Home

    IMO Keith Urban bringing the goods again. I'm a bit of a fan but anytime he does something like this, a tribute to an artist, jam with someone, a live stream etc, he kicks it out of the park. A true pro. Only one criticism, cut the guitar solo way short. Keep it going Bruh
  10. Guitar Stu

    Puddle of (something) Nirvana cover?

    My ears are hurting. Must be so embarrassing for the guys playing with him. I would rather watch the band that butchers Comfortably Numb. I've seen a few clips where lead singers are pretty much all thats left of the band and they can't sing all that well anymore. You just know the rest of the...
  11. Guitar Stu

    Can anybody/Does anybody sing anymore?

    Big GNR fan so I watch a few new live clips from time to time. Axl definitely does not use tracks ...................... although I think sometimes he maybe should. His voice aint what it used to be. No matter his pipes these days though he is still a living legend. Slash on the other hand is...
  12. Guitar Stu

    So you're stuck at home...what song/songs are you learning?

    Not only can old mate sing like Freddy, he does alright on the acoustic as well. This cover of George Michael's Freedom caught my ear.
  13. Guitar Stu


    One of my favorite songs to play and sing. Cool little finger pick thing. I do a cross between the 33 bpm and white stripes version. Right in my vocal range at Am. Learning acoustic version of 9 to 5 at the moment and its a fun song too. Melissa Etheridge plays it in Am
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