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    Dumb move/time to buy anAX8 ?

    I've owned mine for almost 2 years now, the more I tweak it, the more I think it behaves exactly - and sometimes better - than a tube amp. When and if Fractal relesses something with the following features, *maybe* I'll consider upgrading: - same number of switches or more - lighter - more...
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    Borrowed friends Kemper, realised it's not for me - any other suggestions?

    Depends on what your priorities are, honestly. If you gig often, to me the AX8 is unbeatable, don't see myself parting with it any time soon. Now I don't record that often, and even though I can record using the digital outs of the AX8 into my audio interface, I find it much more practical to...
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    Ex-Kemper users, why did you switch?

    Switched to AX8 because: 1. Form factor 2. It's a real modeler so gives me better control over my tone 3. Better effects & drives 4. I don't have to rely on someone making a profile that's close enough to what I want
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    Fractal AX8 Discussion Thread

    It's funny how I'm always finding something new in my AX8 that improves its tones. Right now I can confidently say it's by far the best sounding modeler I've ever had, and I had a Kemper for 5 years. One thing I've noticed is I always end up going back to plexis for distorted tones, and I used...
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    Am I the only one hearing fizz in AX8 FW10?

    More highs is usually perceived as "good" and many users have reported "better clarity" on FW10, pnly to my ears that extra clarity doesn't sound good. There will never be a flood of complains in the Fractal forums, unfavorable posts are deleted over there, that's why I'm posting here. MAYBE...
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    Am I the only one hearing fizz in AX8 FW10?

    Have a gig next friday, need to practice a lot of songs on 9.04 and I'm not upgrading back to FW10 before that, which won't be of much use because others will be able to confirm/deny what I'm hearing by then.
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    Am I the only one hearing fizz in AX8 FW10?

    I'm playing through a Yamaha DXR10 but that shouldn't make a lot of difference. My simple test was to create a patch with just one amp (Brit 30 Hot) and cab (1x12 Blue something, the default speaker for the AC30), everything at its default settings, play an open D and dig hard on the high...
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    Am I the only one hearing fizz in AX8 FW10?

    ONLY FOR FRFR PLAYERS. If you play through a guitar cab this probably doesn't affect you. I've been back and forth between 10.00 and 9.04 a few times to make sure this isn't my (often tired) ears playing tricks on me, but there's definitely some new hyped highs in FW10 that are extremely...
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    Fractal AX8 Firmware 10.0 Thoughts

    To my ears there's something in the behavior of the presence control of the 100w jumped plexi that's definitely different, my main patch has a harshness that's hard to dial out with 10RC2. If that doesn't get fixed then 9.04 will be my last firmware, and to be honest I ain't complaining.
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    Is the AX8 really ‘better’ than the Helix and Atomics?

    I had a Kemper and then got the AX8, the Kemper is gone and the AX8 is still here - I could have kept both, but didn't have to.
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    Tube guy here. I've accepted the inevitable that a KPA/Ax will happen soon

    I see you've already ordered the Kemper, which I had for a long time and agree with someone in this thread that it's awesome if you're lucky enough to come across a profile that sounds exactly or very close to what you want. As soon as you start tweaking it will sound unnatural, and I hated...
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    It's official: AX8 is the best modeler I've ever played!

    I certainly appreciate the replies from Cliff, yourself and others, especially for putting a name on what I think could possibly use some improvement by using higher conversion sample rates, meaning I still believe the Gibbs effect is not negligible if applying nonlinearities to the sampled...
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    It's official: AX8 is the best modeler I've ever played!

    Just realized why you guys got confused and corrected my post, I can hear a 0.01 change in master volume near the sweet spot because the tone character changes, it's not the volume itself, that would be crazy :) I'm hooking my AX8 up to a Yamaha DXR10, I'm all for portability, gig-to-gig and...
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    It's official: AX8 is the best modeler I've ever played!

    I'm beginning to wonder if you understand it yourself. Doing A/D at 44.1 kHz and oversampling is fine as far as "applying non-linearities", I *do* understand it wouldn't be possible otherwise. What I'm challenging is the fact that filling in the sample gaps by using interpolation is not the same...
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    It's official: AX8 is the best modeler I've ever played!

    I am pretty sure that when master volume is near the sweet spot anyone can hear a 0.01 change, I really don't have golden ears, wish I did. You guys are way too worked up over something that you can probably hear yourselves. EDIT: btw I'm talking about character, mainly high end content here...
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