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    Is the Fractal FM3 a good starting place for a noob?

    As a starting place for a complete Noob? As a Helix Floor owner since 2016, and previously in modeling with Zoom and Amplifire, I have looked at the FA units recently and although I feel their amps and sounds have a bit of an edge over the Helix, the interface, workflow and ease of use on the...
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    What's the history/current standing of TMG Guitars?

    Actually Nigel Hendroff of Hillsong, who is a pretty well known guitarist, is still endorsed by them and stands behind the newer guitars being put out by Jonathon these days. He still has a signature model with them
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    New Zoom multi-effect!

    Do we have any idea of the MSRP on this thing yet? And yes it sure is hideous looking but I am willing to look the other way on that if everything else is good on it.
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    New Zoom multi-effect!

    I had one of the original 3 button Amplfire's. Was great for a time until I realized what I was missing on the Helix platform - so much more capable with routing and signal paths and stacking. For sub-$500 the HX Stomp is the way to go even with its shortcomings and need to add an extra...
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    Line 6 POD Go

    I have a Helix Floor which I absolutely love (My first L6 unit), but looking for a backup unit that I can use at my office(Using Helix Native there right now). POD Go is appealing but I really have to compare it to the new Zoom G11 that was revealed at NAMM as well. Dollar for dollar I always...
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    Spent a weekend with Helix Floor

    I am referring to Controller Assignments of parameters on the hardware unit, not just the parameters themselves. On my Floor I have a switch assigned (switch 7) to change a bunch of parameters within blocks (for Ambient type tones). When that preset is imported into Native, there is no...
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    Spent a weekend with Helix Floor

    I find Native to sound great compared to my Floor unit. Just started using Native in my office (at work) with a Behringer UMC202HD interface and don't really notice any latency issues with Reaper and it sounds excellent. Im in experimental mode to see if I could get Native set up as a great...
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    Best small handheld effects unit for practice, etc?

    I have tried many of the recommonedations listed above - Had a Zoom G1on but got rid of it as it sounds good but menu system is too cumbersome . I have a Zoom G3n that I use as a practice/backup to my big Line6 Helix but still wanting something hanbdheld. Even had a Zoom PS-02 handheld recorder...
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    Best small handheld effects unit for practice, etc?

    Yeah I am not an Iphone user, as I hate how they have built in obsolesence; Had a Touch years back and then they basically stopped supporting with OS updates it after about the third year.
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    Best small handheld effects unit for practice, etc?

    So ive looked at all the current offerings of these types of units and own an old PocketPOD. Looking for an update as the thing is hard to use - buried menus. I am surprised someone hasnt stepped in with a decent unit for practice. The Mooer PE100 looks promising but seemed to never get much...
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    HX FX on sale

    No amp modeling, but more footswitches and simpler interface. Its more like the older M series for those that want to still use real amps.
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    HX FX on sale

    Doubt it. Line6 just got the firmware on all their units unified with Helix Core, and has been focusing on smaller versions (HX series). I think they still will take it further before coming out with a newer version of their flagship unit.
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    First demo Mooer GE300 - NAMM 2019

    Or the Line6 Helix which is leading the pack in the all in one modelers right now. I own a Helix Floor and love it, but was looking for another little unit for my office for practice (Currently have a Zoom G3n). Was thinking about the Ge200 and then saw this other unit but their price is out...
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    Free editor for Zoom pedals: G5n, G3Xn, G3n, B3n, G1on, G1Xon, B1on, B1Xon, MS-50g, MS-60b, MS-70CDR

    Doesn't seem to work with the latest firmware on the G3n (2.0)- Bummer
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    Zoom G3n/G5N platform, tips and tricks

    Been a long time zoom user. I don't think they are ending the n series - 3nx has not been out long. They may be coming out with something new at NAMM but a few years back when they got near NAMM they stopped on the monthly updates for awhile, and then released the 3n at NAMM (They only had...
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