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    WTB Louis Electric Tremblelux

    Lou didn't date a lot of his amps, so getting a year could prove difficult no matter where you find one. I've owned 7 of Lou's amps and only 2 had dates.
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    FS Victoria 518 in Laquered Tweed Excellent Condition $1025 To Your Door

    I'm selling my lacquered tweed (not the lighter non-laquered version) Victoria 518 amp in excellent plus condition, I doubt you'll find a cleaner one. I've done 2 wonderful mods that really add versatility to the sounds available or it can be completely stock if you choose. The mods are totally...
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    Sold Cutthroat Audio - Down Brownie - PICS ADDED

    One of the best amps ever made. Period!
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    FS PCE Aluminum Falcon V1 4th Anniversary Edition (Klon Klone) SOLD

    Great to hear. You should change your title from FS to SOLD now so it can be archived.
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    Victoria Vickyverb Jr vs Ivy League

    They were to correct the issues that you mentioned. The amp was way too muddy, had no punch and not nearly as much gain as my 518 and 5112. Now it sounds really nice clean and overdriven.
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    Victoria Vickyverb Jr vs Ivy League

    I added a negative feedback pot and a 3-way bright switch to my VV and it completely transformed the amp. Took me all of 30 minutes. Being able to fully adjust the negative feedback and the ability to switch between 2 bright caps or none has turned my VV into a killer amp. So much versatility.
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    How good is the Victoria 518

    I've had all the handwired Champ clones over the years (including the 5112) and I haven't found a better pure Champ than the Victoria 518. The 5112 sounded bigger and not by much, but that 8 inch speaker is part of the Champ magic. I can jump it into any of my 8 ohm cabinets if I need to, but I...
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    FS Two Rock 22 watt Sensor Head

    Great amp and a great price guys. I've played this one, it's really sweet. If I weren't trying to downsize, it would be mine.
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    Sold Louis Electric Tornado

    Great price on a phenomenal amp. How is this not sold?
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    Dr. Z DB4 vs. Swart Mod 84

    I added a nice 3-way bright switch to mine and now I get all the beautiful chime you could ever ask for. I keep the tone switch on 4 or 5, roll back the cut knob and engage my choice of bright caps. The perfect amp now.
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    FS Fuchs TDS-150 (Triple Drive Supreme) Local Philadelphia area pickup 2k

    I had one of these for years, killer amp. Great deal!!!
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