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    Sold Mythos Mjolnir, Golden Fleece

    Mythis Mjolnir - pedalboard friendly top jacks, near mint, amazing sounding pedal. I’ve been using it mostly as an always on to get a good amp feel even at super low volume. $160 shipped Golden Fleece - if you’ve been wanting to try to incorporate a fuzz this is the one. Takes up no space and...
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    FS Ews arion chorus, vertex ultraphonix

    Dm for pics or questions.
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    FS Ews arion chorus, vertex ultraphonix

    EWS modded arion chorus with Box and paperwork $150 shipped Vertex ultraphonix like new $SOLD DM with questions and for photos..
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    FS Armadillo Andy summers tele bridge and parts

    All now sold! some custom made telecaster parts from armadillo guitar in Texas. The Andy Summers brass bridge (sold) All are made from solid brass Heavy knurl knobs (sold) Control plate (sold) Neck plate (sold) Control knob (sold) PayPal and shipped I can polish them to look new if you prefer...
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    Sold Musicomlab EFXIII $150 Shipped

    Any issues with the tc flashback? I’m fairly certain I’ll take it.
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    What amp did you Gas for the HARDEST...only to be let down.

    Everyones ideas of great can be so different. For me I was excited about a matchless culbman, but it just wasn't really the right amp for me. Very nice and well constructed with super heavy iron, but never really did it for me..
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    Your "regret" board

    I don't necessarily want all these back, just a couple maybe. Thomas Organ Crybaby,Vintage fuzz face, Landgraff overdrive, tc eclectronic stereo chorus flanger, line 6 delay. That pretty much covers all the bases for me. I kept the best 2 fuzz faces I have ever had, and prefer my chandler...
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    Klon again: great boost but does the overdrive suck?

    It is a fine boost, but the overdrive never really did it for me and I gigged with it at volume. Takes up a lot of real estate on your board too. It looks really cool on your board though, even if it does take up a lot of space.
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    ATA cases for amps - cheap but good source?

    I had a case built for my fuchs by xcasewholsale and the quality is amazing. They quoted me the ship by date and a very reasonable price. They shipped on the exact date they quoted and it came a perfect fit and was even better than I had expected. I would highly recommend them to everyone.
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    Strat set-up question....

    Yeah, you are probably gonna have to do a truss rod adjustment. The worst part is you are going to have to remove the neck from the pocket to adjust it. Do so very cautiously, it is so easy to chip the finish in the neck pocet area. If it has the american vintage pickups with the beveled...
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    Best way to record SRV type tone?

    Richard Mullen engineering would be a big plus.
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    Thorn - amazing guitar is mine

    I will never look at another guitar the same. That is an amazing piece of work. I'm envious.
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    Any Nash Guitar Fans out there?

    I have often thought about that myself every time I hear about or see a Nash guitar. He does some great looking stuff. I think the fingerboard wear on the maple neck stuff looks a little bit fake, but some of the best relic work. I have always wondered if he maybe only makes claims of fender...
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    I got to play a very nice 64 Strat today!!!

    I can just feel the vibes coming off those pics. I am envious. I want to touch it in all the wrong places. I am definitely a vintage gear whore. I once had a savings account, but it is no longer. Gear has taken control of my every thought.
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    Les Pauls....Why oh why?

    There is just something about les pauls. I grew up lusting over them. Then when I got out playing all the time moved more toward strats because the versatility. I still like my strats, but here lately I will pick up is a les paul. Go figure, 17 years of playing and I have come full circle on...

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