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    Behringer Pro-One

    Had one of these back in the day. This is definitely interesting!!
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    Korg Minilogue XD

    I'm really liking the sounds of it! I don't care for the small keys on the XD, and of course no aftertouch, but I think I'd enjoy the overall small form, just handy play around with. I could always use a controller (I don't know if aftertouch is sensed or it could be mapped to something else) if...
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    What Are Your Favorite Soft Synths?

    Starting to learn more about my U-he Zebra 2. Crazy powerful and I plan to invest more time in learning it than some of the others I have (I have NI Komplete some Arturia stuff). Edit: Since it was asked in the OP, the ones in NI that I've messed around with a bit are Kontour and Prism or Spark...
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    Monologue plus Minilogue? Redundant?

    Sounds good to me! Like having a 5 voice "kinda bi-timbral" keyboard. Bass on the Mono, chords on the Mini or chords on the mini and lead on the mono. +1 what GovSilver said above, too.
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    Do-it-all "pro" level keyboard - Roland DS88, Yamaha, Korg Krome or something else?

    IME, "semi-weighted" = synth type keyboard. I can't recall anything I would call "in between" other than maybe a cheap "weighted" piano keybed like on Guitar Center's Williams piano line. Aside from those that are on really inexpensive keyboards, some semi-weighted keyboards feel pretty nice to...
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    Behringer announces OB-Xa clone

    I had an OB-SX (a presets only Oberheim) in the early '80s. One of the patches sounded perfect to me for Prince's 1999. I happened to listen to a Youtube video the other day comparing the OB-6 with the Prophet 6 (without looking!) and was surprised that every time I particularly liked the sound...
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    Hiromi and Screaming Headless Torsos

    I am just now seeing this :D I'm friends with Dave Fiuczynski on Facebook so I'd seen it. Would love to see a Sonicbloom reunion! :)
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    UAD Apollo Twin DUO w/Thunderbolt cable ~ SOLD ~

    SOLD Like new. $625. Paypal OK. Set up but never really used except to listen to stuff through my monitors. I had just put together a little audio recording setup but then had to vacate the house I was living in. Now I'm starting to sell off some of the equipment until I am able to get...
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    Off the chain CD of fellow TGPer!!!!

    Sounds great!!! :) ~
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    I Got To Thinking About Playing The Guitar.....

    Well said, Brian. Great thread. _
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    Interesting mix of pop, jazzy prog, funky rhythms, avant garde...

    I was a HUGE fan of Dave Steward & Barbara Gaskin, and when I first heard Louis & Genevieve (Knower) I was really curious if Louis was influenced by Dave... I think these two have done a couple of originals but I'm so ignorant of popular music I don't really know for sure... _
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