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    Your best "rare car found in a barn"-type amp story

    About five years ago, while living in Atlanta my (very cool) next door neighbor came by my garage port with this decrepit face-less, grill cloth missing, abused small amp. He knew me and my roommates all played music, and would always come to hang and chat. So he asked if we were interested in...
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    Two Rock Classic Reverb vs Two Rock Crystal vs Two Rock Mayer Sig

    throw away everything I said, I thought I had read custom reverb in your post bah.
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    Dr. Z vs Top Hat

    10 years ago I was deciding between a Dr.Z. Maz38 or a TopHat club royal. But I ended up buying a Top Hat Super Deluxe that was being sold locally. I miss my Top Hat so bad, wish i never sold it. The Super Deluxe didn't offer the clean headroom I wanted, and at the time I couldn't afford to...
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    Hats off to Voodoo Labs

    Voodoo labs has the best customer service! +1 to all of this. They have to be so tired of us all plugging our power supplies into bad power though.... But they will gladly take care of you regardless.
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    Two Rock Classic Reverb vs Two Rock Crystal vs Two Rock Mayer Sig

    preface: Im a huge fender clean fan, and have been the chasing perfect clean tone my whole career. I have played the Custom Reverb v2 and the Opal, had my heart set on getting either one. But the Custom Reverb (TO ME) sounded like a BETTER fender blues junior, (I may get crap for that)...
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    Bogner red & blue footswitch problems?

    could someone post a pic of the cap fix. And I think these are single pole switches. So do I just put the cap on the one and only pole on the switch?
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    I have a valid question about Digital amps/dirt boxes?

    Its a great question, and here is my logical reasoning, but I will gladly stand corrected if Im wrong. I know that most decent modeling going on these days are not being created from the ground up, but based upon frequency analyzation of the original device. Its like how people sample a drum...
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    New Korg SDD-3000 Delay Pedal

    wow! I'm rarely impressed with new gear. While it does take these companies way to long for these ideas, Im glad they did it! T.C Electronics has been missing it big time by releasing products that either sound great but are not functional, or releasing products that are functional and sound...
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    Vintage Kay Galaxie Truss rod?

    Im trying to do some research on the 1960s Kay Galaxie, Does anyone know if it has an "ADJUSTABLE" truss rod? I did some research and someone said that in the 50s kay was not putting adjustable truss rods in, but started to in the 60s. I was just wondering if anyone was a little more certain...
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    Best Cleans?

    YES!!!!! I agree, The TOPHAT Ambassador 35, but even better the 50 sound unbelievable. Def in my top three favorite clean amps. Super well rounded with just enough character! And with a close tie, my Port City Pearl, and you cant beat how small the pearl is at 50watts. I cant rave...
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    Axess MFC5

    It means give up and get your a$$ back to LA. I heard midi sucks your tone anyways. So what I did is I shoved a bunch of peanut butter in my midi ports of my Stry MOoon Pedals......... peanut butter is a good buffer for all that tone suckin midi probs.
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    Marshall Bluesbreaker BB1 - 2 versions?

    So the original one is warmer? Is it warm even with the tone set at noon? I think something is wrong with the one i built, It is super bright, I have to roll the tone all the way off for it to not be super bright. I wouldn't even know how to trouble shoot it.
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    Goodrich L120 volume level issue

    I feel your pain, its just the nature of a passive volume pedal. Use a decent buffer afterwards and you should be fine. My l120 is off the board for now, my pot went scratchy, and they are really pricey to replace. I want Strymon to release a buffered volume pedal, because sonically, they...
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    transformer codes, how old is my vibrolux reverb

    it is a blackface, thanks for the help! I think one transformer is from 64 but obviously it was manufactured in 65 if the other transformers are from 65. I didn't want to post it for sale without proper information.
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