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  1. guitrr

    Who is actually paying 8k for a i-35?!

    I absolutely concur. I have to admit I’m biased, as I own a H2SH acoustic and a 360LTM electric already. Nonetheless, I toured the factory last October, and to say I was very highly impressed would be an understatement. The attention to detail shown by every single employee is beyond measure...
  2. guitrr

    Gigs you attended, so loud it sounded like white noise and songs hard to identify ?

    Alice In Chains, outdoors, around 2016. They played well, but were so loud it hurt. The sound man must have come from a techno background, because the mix was all bass. My wife and I walked out halfway through the show, and she still tells people it is the worst concert she’s ever attended.
  3. guitrr

    Favourite not popular guitarist?

    Chris Cain. He should be a Blues superstar. Great soloist, but I love his comping.
  4. guitrr

    Favourite not popular guitarist?

    Melvin Taylor
  5. guitrr

    Favourite not popular guitarist?

    Jack Pearson
  6. guitrr

    Favourite not popular guitarist?

    Duke Levine
  7. guitrr

    Low Power Combo for Cleans

    Swart STR Trem
  8. guitrr

    I'm trying really hard to appreciate Billie Eilish . . .

    You could walk into a choir rehearsal at any university and find half a dozen young women just as (or more) talented,
  9. guitrr

    Anderson Appreciation Thread

    It’s that light. Before I bought it on Reverb I wrote to the seller and asked, “Is that a typo? Five and a half pounds?” He replied, “No typo, it’s really that light.”
  10. guitrr

    NGD: PRS Silver Sky (Dodgem Blue)

    No, that’s made by one of our own TGP guys, he sells them on Reverb
  11. guitrr

    NGD: PRS Silver Sky (Dodgem Blue)

    Not a great photo, but here’s my Orion Green. It looks spectacular in person.
  12. guitrr

    Anderson Appreciation Thread

    My Hollow Shorty T, Rosewood top, Alder Body, stained maple neck and fingerboard, Even Taper neck profile, 5.5 lbs. My only mod has been to install Ron Ellis pickups.
  13. guitrr

    Let’s see your #1

    Hahn Model C
  14. guitrr

    Clapton's blues playing...show me what the fuss is about.

    Greg Koch really nails it here. To paraphrase him, if Clapton had done nothing after Mayall and Cream, his place in the pantheon of guitar heroes would still be very secure. Eric Clapton was the Stevie Ray Vaughan of the 1960s; at a time when very few people, especially white people, were...