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    Greatest consecutive album releases by a major Rock act

    Zeppy gets my vote - I, II, III, IV, Houses of the Holy...can't beat it!!! You could throw in Physical Grafitti although it's got some album filler to make that a double album. Sadly, Magical Mystery Tour (even though I like it) ruins an even better string of albums from the Beatles, Rubber Soul...
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    Help!! Mold in my amps!! What's the fix?

    I went today to clean out our "climate controlled/humidity controlled" storage room and found mold all over the place. The manager on duty fessed that the facilities ac unit was out of service for 2 days. This place is normally 65 degrees or so, so I'm sure the swing to 100 degrees + and back in...
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    Elliott Easton appreciation.

    EE is one of the best at the 8-16 bar killer solo. "Just What I Needed", "You're All I've Got Tonight", and of course "Touch And Go" are some of the best solos ever. In fact there were a bunch of great guys during that period of music who made great statements on short (and commercially...
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    What's your favorite Jeff Beck album?

    Wired followed by Truth. I probably listen to Truth more now though. Have you ever heard any of his Blow By Blow-era live stuff with Bernard Purdie on drums? Killer!!! I think there's some for sale on the Wolfgang's Vault site.
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    Help-Please explain virtual/software instruments

    Are you recording audio events or midi events? Does the output happen at the DAW? I'm real new to the computer recording world and I'm trying to understand the science of it. I've got a Mac Book Pro and would like to end up with Logic Pro and Duet as a recording rig. Also, if someone could...
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    Does anyone here use Main Stage from Logic as a live rig?

    Is it a reliable rig? I'm not looking to replace anything, it just seems too easy and too good to be true. GW
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    Poll: Who plays Little Wing best?

    Jimi...there's that Curtis Mayfield thing going on plus there's a certain "bounce" to his phrasing that every one who covers it seems to miss. On a different note, there's a video on Youtube of Guthrie Govan absolutely tearing up Little Wing. I think it's from a NAMM show or something as Andy...
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    Suggetions for drive time practice

    I work with the metronome as well, generally tapping out rhythms on the steering wheel. Learn a few lines from the Louis Bellson book as a starting point. Also, practice naming chord tones/note names for different chords, around the cycle or just random chord types. Doing some visualization...
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    Show us your Matchless!!

    Steve - That's a rig!!! I'm guessing the variac on the floor is hooked to the Bogner?
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    Show us your Matchless!!

    V-Verb - sweet amp!! I thought I was the only player with toddler toys taking over the gear space!!!
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    Show us your Matchless!!

    We should change the thread title to "six degrees of separation"!!! BTW duster, I'm familiar with the farty deal. It's not the best pedal amp in the world, my 67' BFDR is a much better pedal amp, but the Matchless, guitar, 2 cords, and my Toneman Rangemaster pedal is hard to beat!!! I've thought...
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    Show us your Matchless!!

    It was on consignment at Rockin' Robin. Bart was thick into Marshall heads, Had wanted the SL 100 and had a combo so we swapped. Bart took the combo in trade. Somewhere in there a small box Silver Jubilee head and '68 Pro Reverb ended up in Bart's hands so the net is SL100, Silver Jubilee, PR...
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    Show us your Matchless!!

    I can't say I love Pink (Salmon?) but I can't argue with the tone and I guess it's somewhat unique. I think it may have been a NAMM show special order or display model.
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    Show us your Matchless!!

    Yeah, it's the same amp that Had used to own. I think I traded him a Super Lead 100 for a Marshall combo which I then traded with a '68 Pro Reverb for the Matchless? Something like that.
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    Show us your Matchless!!

    1993 Clubman 35 with matching 2x10 cab. Only one I've seen in this color scheme. One of the finest sounding amps I've ever heard. GW
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