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    3 essential pedals for that SRV blues tone

    heavy strings help a lot!! He's used a mixture of loud clean tight amps (dumble) to make sure he got a tight clear low end bass response, and slightly lower wattage albeit still freaking loud for most people amps (super reverb - vibroberb) to get the higher frequencies to crunch a little, then...
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    Lead Playing - How hard to pick

    This is great advice as well.
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    Lead Playing - How hard to pick

    I was going to post something quite similar . Try this. I'll add I usually pick as soft as I can get away with to get whatever sound I'm going after. If I'm nailing the hell out of a note like a blues or rock tune, I hit pretty hard sometimes, but more often than not, I'm going Liiiiight.
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    Target BPM for warm up exercises

    I understand you took that from Troy's Book. But where the hell did he get his number? OP, for warming up, you need to be slow and steady. For increasing speed, as I said before, depending on the technique you are practicing, you'll most likely top out at slightly different speeds. I...
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    Target BPM for warm up exercises

    err, 140 bpm is a bit of arbitrary number to be honest. Also, the type of exercise will most likely have a different top speed.
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    MTMS Quiz #5: Intervals 2

    So let me get this straight.... it's not a melody? Just kidding.
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    Holy smokes!!..FD3 coming soon!

    Yes! Extremely underrated even. This (along with the kingsley semi-clean boosts) is maybe the best boost pedal around. Best solid state boost I've heard, that includes owning the Klon, Cornish, Toneczar, Landgraff, Analogman KOT, etc.. etc.... A non-mosfet fulldrive II can be had for like...
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    The CAGED Chord system, all roads lead to Dollywood

    You're right, but I think he was making a comparison with a major scale fingering for standard tuning, in which the analogy is pretty applicable. A fingering for any musical device doesn't make music. My toyota isn't a road trip. I have to get in the damn thing and drive to get where I'm...
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    How would YOU solo over this?

    My friend, we need a little more. This could either sound as a IV to I in C or a I to V in F. Post a rhythm clip?? A Melody would be extremely helpful.