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    Todd Sharp JOAT 20rt

    Hey macmax77, I have had mine for over a year. Mine has the headroom switch that reduces the power to about 10 watts. The cab has a blue and a greenback. The amp has a lot of tonal variations with the attitude and hi and low controls. I had a DC 30 in the past and it is not as loud but plenty...
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    Brad Paisley/Keith Urban/John Mayer Amp

    Todd Sharp JOAT 20
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    Tweed lacquer or not?

    What lacquer do you guys use? Thanks
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    Tweed Bassman input question

    This from Rob Robinette’s site: the only difference between the 5F6A Normal and Bright channels is the bright cap on the bright volume pot which bypasses high freqs around the volume pot at low volume levels. At max volume there is no difference between the Normal and Bright channels. The...
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    Germino 4x10 Bassman 5F6A & 5F4 Super

    Old Man, it sounds great. I did swap the 12ay7 for a 5751. Also tried a JAN Sylvania 12ax7. I have had a THD, Kendrick, Victoria and Fender Reissue Bassman in the last 25 years. This one is at the top. Greg suggested WGS speakers, 2 Alnico’s and 2 Ceramics. I think it was the right decision. I...
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    Germino 4x10 Bassman 5F6A & 5F4 Super

    Germino 5F6A Bassman will be here Friday. Can’t wait. Mike
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    Todd Sharp Joat 20 Rt

    Recently got a Blackstone Appliances MOSFET OD and I would agree that pedal sounds great with a JOAT 20RT.
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    Germino 4x10 Bassman 5F6A & 5F4 Super

    Bassman on order, can't wait
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    Sold Two-Rock 1x12 cabinet G1265

    Excellent condition, only used in my home. Oval open back with Celestion G1265 8 ohm speaker. Ships in factory box. Black tolex. E-mail for pictures No trades $425 shipped and paypalled CONUS Thanks Mike
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    Todd Sharp Joat 45RT

    I agree with jnovac1, it is not your typical EL84 amp. I had the JOAT 30 for a bit and then Todd was willing to trade it for a JOAT 20. The 30 was a bit wider but the 20 is plenty wide. It had no trouble keeping up with a Two Rock 100 watt CLRS I have since sold. Mine has the headroom switch...
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    Amps and interior design. Winners and losers
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    NAD: Todd Sharp, Simply Amazing

    JOAT 20
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    NAD: Todd Sharp, Simply Amazing

    Check this one