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    Guitar Wiring Bible?

    Which guitars are you having problems with?
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    Intonation with a Turbo Tuner?

    In addition to setting intonation with it, I also use my Turbo Tuner to help me cut nut slots just deep enough that notes on the first fret aren't sharp. It is indeed a great product.
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    new nut?

    If any of the open strings are touching the first fret, "best practice" would often be to replace the nut. As an alternative, the existing nut could be shimmed, or the offending slots could be filled with super glue and baking powder, and then re-cut. If the open strings clear the first fret...
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    SKB 3i Series Flight Cases

    I recently ordered one of the SKB 3i421456 waterproof Les Paul flight cases you're discussing, to see if my Dean Leslie West Signature guitar would fit. It did, nice and snug. So does my R7 goldtop wraptail. I had to order the case to be able to check it out, since I couldn't find a store nearby...
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    Cheap Speaker Cabinet, Why Not?

    I think Avatar ( ) sells pretty nice cabinets, loaded or unloaded, at a reasonable price. Their prices on raw speakers were pretty good too, last time I checked. Their G112 Traditional guitar cab sells for $279 including your choice of several different good...
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    Speaker polarity

    I don't think anyone mentioned that the voice coils on some shorter-excursion speakers (old JBL D120's for example) can sometimes bottom out when played hard, especially if they're wired so that the cones pull in first instead of pushing out. I wire all mine to push. Charlie
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    Best all purpose 112 closed back cab?

    I thought the EV TL806 Thiele cab was pretty easy to build, and economical too. I got a pair of them out of 2/3 sheet of leftover plywood (plus some 1x2 and 1x6). The ElectroVoice builders plans for all their TL Series cabinets used to be archived at, but apparently no more. Searching...
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    Anybody remember Mother's Finest?

    Mothers Finest opened for my old band Blackfoot several times, some thirty years ago. Awesome band, to say the least! Can't say enough good things about them. Charlie Hargrett
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    Just bought a Marshall Studio 15 - anyone used one of these?

    Here's a link to a photo of a page in the "Marshall Master Volume and Lead Amplifiers Handbook" that came with my Studio 15: I was surprised to see a "best square wave response" setting shown. The Studio 15 is the only Marshall I've ever seen that had this...
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    Amp switching question

    I would use 6" of zip cord to attach an inline 1/4" female jack ( like this: ) to each speaker, and make a zip cord all-male y-cable to go from the Radial (or whichever) amp switcher "speaker out" to the two speakers'...
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    I need a FLY rig ASAP

    Best case I've ever owned! About half the time the folks at the airport ask me if it's a weapon when I check it... like they're not going to look anyway! The shame is that it's not quite wide enough to fit my guitar. They make them longer, but not wider. Missing out on a pretty big market there...
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    I need a FLY rig ASAP

    ... another way to go... my son-in-law builds guitar racks and pedalboards professionally, his clients including Kiss, Peter Frampton, Shinedown and the current Broadway production of Spiderman. Mike ("Vegas") can be reached at...
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    I need a FLY rig ASAP

    +1 for carrying a pedalboard, power amp and cables, and playing through a speaker cab supplied by the buyer. That's what I do. Most of my Blackfoot shows are "fly dates", and many of them are "throw and go", meaning we get there, throw our gear on the stage, and start the show without the...
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    jbl 1x15 guitar cab help

    An ElectroVoice TL606 Thiele cab, although designed for the EVM15L, would probably work well with the JBL. Here are the builders plans: ... and the archive with a bunch of other EV cab plans...
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    Best 1x12 cab for my Scumback M75?

    Maybe you could build an ElectroVoice TL806 Thiele cabinet. Similar to the Mesa 1-12" Thiele cab. Cheap and easy to make. I made three of them from a single 4x8 sheet of plywood, and they sound real good. Here are the builders plans...